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  1. Dear everyone, I have periodically read these forums over the years and thought I might join for an occasional contribution. I am not a massive absinthe drinker, but I like the odd glass now and then, when the mood takes me. I think my favourite absinthe is the Jade Esprit Edouard (is this too predicatable?). I’m interested in what the Pernod Absinthe is like and might get a bottle when I next see one. I have been thinking recently about combinations of absinthe and other herby drinks. This may be caused by having a severe cold and thinking something particularly medicinal might be in order. I had a couple of goes last night. The first was stirring equal parts of green chartreuse; absinthe; dry vermouth and bergamot infused gin with a little sugar syrup. It was not very successful. I also thought the vermouth would coax a louche out of the absinthe but had no luck. The second was simpler: equal parts of green chartreuse and absinthe stired with very wet ice which prodcued reasonable louche a very satisfactory flavour, once the temperature had risen slightly. Looking around the Internet, it appears that this is a legitimate cocktail of sorts, sometimes called an Opal. This is what it looked like: . The absinthe I used was L'Enjôleuse fût de chêne by Paul Devoille with the standard Green Chartreuse. Perhaps a more expensive version of the latter might have improved things. Clearly, and unlike properly prepared absinthe, you need to be quite careful with this drink: I would estimate the ABV as being in the region of 60%... Anyway, enough with cocktails. What do others think of the L'Enjôleuse fût de chêne? I enjoyed its smoothness and the relative lack of fennel but was a little disappointed with a lack of complexity. I’m mostly using it as a test to see if I can store a absinthe in a decanter long-term without problems...