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  1. Hi TheLoucheyMonster! Ok, i feel better knowing its not just me, or that alot of different Absinthe's may taste like this:) I have only tasted 2 at this time, but, the LCB is far and away easier to drink that this one, and tastes a heck of alot better in my opinion.
  2. Hi Joseph, Ok, glad to hear that - I didnt want this one to ruin my journey. I also didnt put alot into this because im sure out of the many different options available, everyone has their likes and dislikes, so i will chalk this one up to experience, and ill continue forward:) Whatever the taste in that bottle is, its pretty nasty if you ask me.......
  3. Tried the Vieux Pontarlier last night, and gotta say that one is not particularly tasty in any way, shape or form (for me)..Opened the bottle, and took a whiff before pouring - Best decsription of the initial smell is like a cheap minty/fruity wine, with some secondary earthy/dirty smells mixed in? I first tried it at 3:1 with 1 sugar cube, but, that earthy/rubbery taste just overwhelmed anything else that may be there, except a very slight anise taste that evaporates (or gets covered up) very quickly in the dirty/earthy flavors....There also seems to be a strong (almost burning) alcohol sensation the entire time, even after the glass was empty. Being a sport, and not wanting to just give up, i tried a second glass, but, this time went up to 4;1 (and then 4.5:1), with 2 sugar cubes, and although it helped tame it down a bit, that earthy/dirty smell just doesn't go away! Interestingly, i checked a few of the reviews here last night to see if anyone else mentioned some of these qualities, and here is one that i could have written word for word if i felt i was in any way ready to write an actual, intelligent review: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aroma: Hella minty, with a bit of a still scent, and a somewhat masked smell that's redolent of rubber. Flavor/Mouthfeel: Light and creamy in texture, but really, really minty, and something vegetal is coming through on the flavor that I don't particularly like. It ends up fairly bitter in the end. Finish: The finish is very fuzzy in the mouth and there's some alcohol heat that takes a long time to fade. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am gonna let this one sit for awhile before trying again - If this would have been my first try, i wouldn't be so excited to try any others unfortunately.
  4. Welcome! Im pretty new here as well, and there are alot of websites listed in the forums that make it very easy to order many different brands in the US (or overseas if you prefer).....
  5. TheLoucheyMonster! - Luscious Oily Lesbians!, i guess my fingers were going faster than my brain on that one!!! I will adjust the water and Absinthe amounts as you have suggested, and see how that changes things.... Thanks
  6. Yesh, annover round of smottohs! Luscious Oily Lesbians! - Guess my fingers were going faster than my brain on that one:) Luscious Oily Lesbians! - Guess my fingers were going faster than my brain on that one:)
  7. Hi Joseph - I used the 3:1 ration for all attempts so far, and may play with that slighly in the next few nights....The alcohol taste i am desribing was some initial smell, and some taste mainly upon swallowing, not so much during the beginning tastes...It wasnt a deal killer, just wanted a more smottoh effect for whatever reason, and the 2 small sugar cubes i did use, were very small, so i didnt really add alot of sugar to correct. Another small note that may apply here - I was a heavy drinker for 20 years, but, pretty much stopped for the most part of the last 6 or 7 years (not for any reason other than i just got tired of that feeling one gets from hard liqueur and/or many bottles of beer each day)...I will still experimant with less or no sugar, but, at this time, i am really enjoyiong the full bodied taste and consistency with a little added sugar..I do appreciate any and all comments, and hope to learn more as i go along....
  8. Hello again - Maybe my final comment in this "newby" section, but, I have had the LCB several nights in a row now (1 each night)..The first one i tried without any sugar, and the alcohol taste was a little stronger than i had expected, but, i sipped the drink, and was very surprised at the "explosion" of different tastes and layered flavors that occur in each drink - It seems with each drink taken, there is also an opposite "need" to take another drink shortly afterwards. The next 3 nights, i have been adding 2 small sugar cubes to get closer to a smooth taste i was expecting, and that seems to accomplish the taste i was looking for, but, also for some reason, sort of completed the full, complex consistancy i wanted to enjoy, and i can see why there is an appreciated love of this drink many/most of you already have. The other part of this experience that was not as expected, was the full body type of "high" that one encounters (quite similar to another popular herb that is smoked or ingested) - Its unlike a normal alcohol "drunk" feeling, for some reason the herbs seem to have a smooth, allover body effect that is quite nice to be honest (sort of medicinal in value). I am at this time anxious to try a couple of other brands, but, i think this will be something that will be enjoyed for many years to come, and i plan to keep a few different bottles around to enjoy frequently.....
  9. Hi Alan Moss - Thanks for the link, i actually bought one bottle down in CM, at Hi Time liquers down there...
  10. Hi Misanthrope, or better known as "neighbor" in this case I do have the glasses and spoons ready to go, and i see there are alot of accessories that may need to be acquired at some point (actually seems this could be a quite expensive "hobby" if one allows it to be), so for now i am good to go i think (will have to rig some kind of dripper for the first few tries), but, hope it works out ok....Since you are close, are there any bars in our area that actually serve Absinthe? I would like to go somewhere, and try it that way as well, just for another reference point in my learning experience?
  11. Hey Songcatcher - Awesome, thats great. I actually put alot of time, and consideration into my first choices, so im happy to see your positive comment on that!
  12. Hi All, Thanks for the warm welcome(s), and for Brian, sorry about the fonts, ill correct that going forward To Songcatcher, here is what i bought to start with: 1) La Clandestine Blue 2) Pernot Vieux Pontarlier ~I based these 2 purchases on the reviews, and comments from your site, and of course, i have no idea what to expect when they arrive, but, i am extremely anxious to give them a try..... ~If i made any mistakes in the names, please feel free to correct as needed, it won't hurt my feelings
  13. Hello from Long Beach, CA! Firstly, i am what you seem to consider a "lurker" at this time, i've been reading alot of reviews/instructions/comments on this wonderful site for a while now, and have finally decided to jump in, register, and start to communicate The first thing i noticed in reading the information in the forums? It seems there is a wealth of information, and knowledge readily available for the taking, which is awesome and much appreciated! At this very moment, i have honestly not even wet my lips yet with this elixir (SP) you call Absinthe, but maybe 15 years ago i had developed an interest in trying, and, i think at that time it was not so easy to get (or maybe impossible to get in the US?),. It wasnt again until maybe 2 years ago that i started running across info, and it seemed that Absinthe could be either bought, or shipped into the US, so i started doing some more research, and although it kind of petered out again, i am now truly ready for my first experience. Rather than bore you into tears, or ask a bunch of unfounded questions at this time, i will simply state that i have ordered 2 different bottles to try, and when they arrive i will give a few tries before checking back in with any comments/questions. For now, i just wanted to auickly say HI!, and hope to be back soon for which i assume will be the start of a great learning experience for me personally. Nice to meet you all!!!!