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  1. Thanks everyone I'm vaping Absinthe rigth now. Just wish I had the real stuff. Will have to order some.
  2. Thanks. I also find the history about Absinthe very interesting.
  3. Hello. I joined this forum because I have an interest in Absinthe. I learned of Absinthe through Vaping (e-cigs). Anise is one of my favorite flavors and some e juice vendors sell an Absinthe e-juice that is Anise flavored. When I was growning up, the local bakery had a candy dish with Anise candy. Love that stuff. So after discovering that Absinthe was an Anise flavored drink, I was interested in learning more about it. Can't find the stuff locally though. Seems like I can only get it inline. And wow, its expensive stuff. $60+ for a bottle, yikes. I still want to get some though.