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  1. Found Absente http://www.wormwoodsociety.org/index.php/component/content/article/147-absente at Penbrooke liquor in the S.E. $44 it's not as strong in flavor as Taboo and louche is so-so. Not bad overal but I think the mix ratio might have to be greater so cost might not be worth a second try. Edit: I forgot to mention that it came with a spoon.
  2. La Fee, Hills, the Czech absinth (I'm not sure it's name) but it's the brand that has the red absinthe, and a French one, but it didn't get a good rating. Each store seems to have Taboo and one or two of these others. Only two of the stores are outside of security, but the main one has Taboo for 36$ Edit: I'm not sure what the Duty Free stores carry, as only international travelers are allowed to buy things there Is there stores in Cagary that carry good traditionals other than Taboo?
  3. Sorry for the crappy phone photo this is my brilliant little make do setup. Irish coffee glass, olive spoon balanced with another spoon, and a 1$ vinegar bottle to achieve the slow drip without mess. My first spoons will hopefully arive next week Edit: it won't let me upload the pic
  4. The Calgary airport liquor stores have Absinthe. Each one has Taboo and one or two other brands. So far I haven't found the other brands have very good ratings on this website. If you do pick up Taboo while traveling through, remember that liquids restrictions apply. If you buy it at one of the two stores outside of security make sure to do so before you check your bags. If you buy it past security remember you may run into trouble when you make connections
  5. Hello. I was introduced to the art of absinthe by a friend in the local steampunk group. He set up a fountain and told us the grand story of absinthe, the myths, the history, and tales of sharing it with friends. My first impression of absinthe was that it tasted like sambuka without being overpoweringly licorice like. The brand I was introduced to was Taboo. I later picked up a bottle of Taboo at the wine store near work. They had another brand of absinthe available. Luckily they also had a sample bottle of the second brand. That was my introduction to Czech absinth. I'm glad I didn't get the big bottle of that vile stuff. I'm now keeping an eye out for more traditional brands, and I have ordered some spoons of the internet