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  1. just seems like someone is trying to spruce up their martini and make an absinthe martini!
  2. I have tried a few cubans and they are tasty but I think a good Dominican cigar can stand up to them! I have tried severl cubans and I would agree they have stiff competition these days! I do like the cuban Punch's better that is probably my personal favorite but give me a good RP and I m a happy camper
  3. I jsut attended a rolling academy that taught you how to roll your on cigar. Was very interesting not that I can now roll my own I am stuck buying I just dont have the gift. However they were making a video of the class so If I can I will post a link and share with you guys.
  4. This morning I am smoking a Rocky Patel edge that I bought from SeriousCigars here in town. You can also catch them online. Pretty descent little review of the Rocky Patel edge cigar if you haven't smoked one yet http://www.seriouscigars.com/rocky-patel-edge-a-79.html . I tend to lean toward the maduro. I like the stronger to medium bodied smokes! Combined my RP Edge with a cup of Cappucino and the morning has promise! Hope everyone is having a good one too.