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  1. Looks like it would be a decent absinthe. I'd like to get a hold of some eventually. When I was in Krakow last year I searched around and all I could find was "Apsinthion".
  2. VC just seemed off to me. It's not terrible, I'll still drink it, it's just weird...like it tastes too much like a maceration to me. Very different IMO to my better absinthes: Jade's, Duplais's, Leopold, Delaware Phoenix's. I'm not really a huge fan of Pacifique either, although I have almost finished the entire bottle. Maybe you just have the super taster gene and I don't. Absinthe doesn't really taste sweet to me, I just don't add sugar because I hate sugary things.
  3. That's interesting, I never use sugar... except for the Vieux Carre! I found it pretty intense and it was more palatable with it. (although later I did a higher dilution and it was not as bad). I personally find that sugar just messes up the flavor for my other absinthes...harder to get a full "herbal experience". Like you're trying to mask something... (which is why I did it with VC!). I pretty much exclusively drink absinthe, unless I'm out somewhere and "have to" have a drink. I wish it was standard in the bars! I'd even settle for Lucid! Anything that isn't other alcohol!
  4. Unfortunately picking up good absinthe in stores is a bit of a rarity. Bigger liquor chains/warehouse type stores are a good option (Binny's where I live) since they have a better stock or can order a bottle for you. The best option for getting quality absinthe seems to be ordering online though, like through DrinkUpNY and some other sites.
  5. If it were me (and it was at one point) I would still try some others. Just make sure you read the reviews on the main site to see if what your thinking of buying is any good. Even though Lucid is better than Absente, it's still produced on a large scale and uses that beet alcohol which gives it a musky character. Definitely unique, and not really a flavor that I have seen in other absinthes. It's difficult for me to relate anything to Absente because it would be an insult for the absinthes... but there is kind of a wide array of absinthes out there (just like beer, whiskeys, etc). Duplais Verte is heavy on green anise, so you might like that, it's one of my favorites because I haven't tasted such a characteristic in other absinthe yet. The line of Jades is good as well, Edouard being my favorite with Nouvelle in 2nd place. Isn't this a loaded question?
  6. Currently at school down in South IL, but I was just thinking about ordering something from Binny's over winter break when I'm back home. I've considered getting PD's Meadow of Love instead though, I never got around to trying it. Maybe I'll just buy a few different ones since the Leo is sold in the small bottles.
  7. I'll try again at a few more places, but I think I'll finally order something online as the best absinthes around here now are Mansinthe or Lucid.
  8. Makes me wonder how they're drinking it, or what other absinthes they've tasted. I suppose if they are comparing to other inferior absinthes this could be possible. Likely whatever is accessible in the liquor stores around here (so a comparison of cheap absinthes is probably the case). They used to carry Leopold as well but switched it out for St. George. I told the store manager a few months ago Leo was much better, but I'm doubting i'll see it restocked.
  9. Well I guess it isnt that terrible of an insult though...I just didn't really think VP or Leopold is an "elitist drink".
  10. No anise flavor? Meant to be drunk straight? Why even pretend that youre drinking absinthe at that point... I asked some people recently why they keep buying Absente when better absinthe is available. They told the reason is: because they can't taste any difference between different absinthes, and the fact that I prefer some absinthes over others just means im a stuck-up snob.
  11. It's still not a purchase an average joe would make. I should have known from your suit that you don't peddle around with chump change!
  12. We put pics of the top quality brand "Absente" to represent absinthe in our blog, which proves we know what we're talking about - ABC Fine Wine
  13. I've been meaning to buy another bottle as well. I can't even remember the last time i had it...maybe it was 3 months ago?? If it wasn't for these longboard wheels and stupid expensive carnivorous plants I keep buying I'd already have it.