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  1. Picked up some Pernod and am thinking the higher alcohol level absinthe requires a little sugar. I dropped a slice of lemon in and liking the taste.
  2. Taboo is the first real experience I had. Tastes fantastic. Tried Pernod and way to strong for water alone.
  3. Picked up Pernod absinthe at the Royal Liquor on 17th and 8 st SW. Taboo available there as well. Price is more than Chinook liquor.
  4. Taboo found at Chinook liquor in Calgary.
  5. Have to look around I guess. Heard some rumours of more distillers coming into the game. You order from Germany or US?
  6. Taboo found in Calgary at the SW Co-op.
  7. Latest Daft Punk and latest NIN are both fantastic to start with. I almost always get into Dark Side of the Moon after a few though.
  8. Never get off the boat Songcatcher, unless your going all the way... Thanks for the welcome greetings everyone.
  9. Interesting Joe. I'll keep that in mind. Thanks. Hello Ambear.
  10. Interested in where you guys source alternatives to Taboo.
  11. Hello all, picked up a bottle of Taboo absinthe made in Vernon BC locally. Feel fantastic after a few drinks. I never really drink at all but this relaxes me after hours. Listening to lp's is a whole new experience. Looking for suggestions on alternatives to Taboo (not a knock on quality but low thugeon level - 10mg/kg).
  12. Calgary Co-op in SW has Voodoo absinthe for cheaper than you can buy in BC.
  13. Only tried Taboo from Vernon BC Canada. Looking forward to tasting some alternatives.