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  1. Only one ship to turkey and thats 80 euro :O just unreasonable since ill order a 40 dollar bottle :D By the way any other first absinthe recommnedations other that lucid and mansinthe ?
  2. I just learned absinthes.com doesnt ship to turkey :'(
  3. I just learned absinthes.com doesnt ship to turkey :'(
  4. Well I want to buy just to taste absinthe for the first time so i dont wanna pay 40 dollars cargo for a 57 dollar bottle so you say it is a safe vendor right ? ( sorry for bad english :D )
  5. WTF Luscious Oily Lesbians! ?????? I wrote l.o.l
  6. I couldnt really understand the part after "Here's an online shop in Austria." :( also , is this a trusted and verified vendor ? if it is , thats great :D
  7. Luscious Oily Lesbians! :D By the way do you know anyone from this forum that lives in vienna or knows vienna that can tell me if my friend can get some lucid / other absinthe in vienna ?
  8. Well hello, I am new and I live in Turkey where I can find no good absinthe :( I wanna try so I want a bottle of lucid and my friend is coming from vienna next week, any luck any of you guys live there or know if she can find it there ?
  9. Well, none in turkey , i have a friend coming from vienna but i dont thinlk theres any there either , sooo :(
  10. So is it similar to raki too ? Its prepared the same way , but we just pour water , the color is nearly same too and theres anise in it i havent had arak but is it close to raki ? I guess it should because arak similar to absinthe raki similar to arak :D
  11. Well to be correct, it is very close just like raki and ouzo nearly same but just different :D
  12. Raki is not same with arak materials different taste too i guess and i really recommend raki to all of you !