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  1. Try any liquor store that carries any Pernod Ricard products (look at their website ... A very large number of varied brands). Then ask the manager directly order, say, Pernod Absinthe, to place on his shelves. I got two local stores (admittedly high volume) to do the same where only low quality had been avaiable. Good luck as I sip a Pernod purchased locally in Missouri (am not a paid or unpaid rep for Pernod .. just enjoy drinking it.)
  2. Go forth and get the best absinthe .... Online purchases are reliable, talk to your local liquor store manager. I drink Pernod and Vieux Pontarliar. They are expensive. Caskers I have used. Shipping is terribly expensive...... But worth the effort if you have no other access. And then, slowly, make your choices. St Georges Absinthe is also good. The subtle differences make life interesting. Best of luck to you. Also, the Pernod truly acts as an digestive aid.
  3. I would think that keeping absinthe at moderate temperatures such as you describe would cause no problems. Just think about the varying temps during shipment. If you still have questions, perhaps you could contact the the distributor. Retailers really don't like complaining customers. I bought a bottle of Vieux Pontarlier just yesterday. Humidity in Missouri is not mild. . Enjoy it when you return.
  4. Sounds reasonable to me. Moderation and avoiding ignorance help much too. Above all else, enjoy your absinthe..
  5. Believe me, I'm doing my bit to increase sales of absinthe.
  6. If you go, please tell us about it it. Pictures are nice, too. Bon voyage.
  7. Welcome. Absinthe is a wonderful drink... Or juice as we would say in Bourbon country in Kentucky. I have a serious chronic disease and absinthe has been, and is, both a wonderful drink and a medical necessity for me. Thank God, it is legal. Unlike marijuana. Explore the many wonderful brands of absinthe: Pernod, Vieux Pontarliar, St George,.... Others. Just never buy anything with fake chemicals, less than real absinthe. I love my absinthe, try it, taste it, and you will find good things. You will enjoy the journey.
  8. Has not been a problem for me. If it really concerns you, Amazon sells "parafilm",,,, a small tape, water and air proof. Inexpensive and gives that extra security. I use it on some of my bourbon. Seems to work, but maybe it just is a placebo for me. The bourbon has never complained, not my absinthe.
  9. Welcome. Initially I began enjoying absinthe as a digestive aid. I have Crohn's disease. Mine is classified as "severe" if five surgeries counts. Having read something of the history of absinthe, I decided to try it. It works, relieving the generalized abdominal pain. I also love it's taste, the sense of relaxation while sipping it. Now how many modern medicines offer those advantages? Good luck.
  10. Glad you're trying the world of absinthe. To come clean: I drink Pernod and Vieux Pontarlier and sometimes St Georges. I think all are fine. They are locally available to me. I certainly agree that the artificial Pernod was bad; but I truly like the "original" Pernod. And the Vieux Pontarliar, if avaiable, is fine, I think. But check out the things you like. That's part of the joy of it.
  11. Enjoy. I've had some of Vieux Carre... Nice. Enjoy the journey into a world of absinthe. I like Pernod, Vieux Pontarlier.
  12. I have not had the pleasure of drinking this absinthe. I would simply say to try others. Some you will love; others, perhaps less than enthusiastic. Please try Vieux Pontarlier. It is a wonderful absinthe but in a world dominated by advertising, some true, some false, risk a little in your discoverings and share, enjoy. Absinthe is lovely. I also love my native states' Bourbon. There, too, I try tick and choose. If, oh only if that evil prohibition had not inhibited our country's evolution into better and better whiskies. .... Good luck. Find something you enjoy. I have an Old Foresters single barrel....wonderful.
  13. Glad to hear from you. Sipping a nice rye whiskey now. Enjoy.
  14. After two or three doses, I find this good absinthe. It's not the wonderful "meaning of life" thing, but quite nice, lingers on the palate and doesn't demand you pass a sort of grading scale. Yes, in short, a good, quality absinthe. I'm satisfied. Would I walk the mile? Probably not. But a good and kind absinthe. If anyone has other opinions, please let me know. I'm almost always willing to talk about good absinthe and good bourbon...but then I was born in the knob hills of Kentucky and college in Richmond.