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  1. Thanks I used to live in South Hedland for 3 years, I know what it's like, trust me. Hope to get into this world of Absinthe a bit more.
  2. Central West Queensland. I can't name any closer than that sorry as I'm finalising contracts and want to keep it pretty hush. I will get back to you though. Nowhere near Perth for you unfortunately, though some spots in WA certainly need a nice absinthe bar. Brandy pipes are a stupid idea, even heating the brandy with a flame is rather pointless. But. I get the gist now and will steer clear of that whole area.
  3. Thanks all. That is probably how we'd do it if we went the fountain route. Mainly because we would only have a couple of fountains and leaving it on the table would cause us to run out! (Assuming it sells well) Of course. Though I'm not expecting many people here to know anything about Absinthe. I'm fairly limited in knowledge myself, though have been researching vigorously the last couple of days. My staff are eager earners and I've covered whisky, with extensive wine training on Monday. The problem is this being a rural location, there is little exposure to things like this (growing up here I remember shooting Czech absinthe, before moving to the city and travelling internationally). I want to make this both a novelty and a learning experience for the guest. Actually a pretty genius idea. Simplicity rules. I might use this over a carafe, as they are very cheap and easy to source. Such a big plus, as many people would just see it and want to try it as a novelty. Can someone please run me through the concept of absinthe pipes? I've only just discovered them in the last few days. I've seen a few videos of filling them, not not sure how you drink from them / the point of them? Thanks again for all the responses.
  4. That's awesome, I'm right in Surfers, is a good spot to holiday And thank you everyone else for your warm welcome, much appreciated,
  5. Hi there, I'm Josh. I'm from Australia, commuting between the bustling Gold Coast and several more rural (and international) destinations. I've worked in computer programming and fine dining/hotels since I was 15 and juggle the two careers. I love good alcohol and trying new things and going to new places. Absinthe is probably the area I need most of my learning in when it comes to alcohol and I'm looking forward to soaking up your knowledge as well as hopefully be able to share some of my experience. Hope to get to know you all better!
  6. Hi, my first post here, I hope to be able to learn a lot and contribute to this forum. I'm a bit of an absinthe amateur (I've had a few here and there) and I have also come into a restaurant that I hope to improve by offering an absinthe experience. This kind of thing is the first of its kind in this remote Australian town, though our market is good for it and the restaurant has a history of innovation in the area and I want to keep pushing the boundaries. However, as there is a lot of other stuff going on and being redone, I have a very small budget for introducing this, and due to my remote location most accessories will have to be ordered online (driving up the expense). So what I want to be able to do is offer an absinthe experience - dripping water over sugar on a spoon until a good louche is achieved. I want an experience where people at the next table will go "wow, what are they having?". For this reason I've ruled out the discrete drippers. For budgetary reasons I cannot afford to put a proper fountain on every table, so I would only start with 2 or 4 (I need something cheap, preferably $50ish), have the waiter put the fountain on the table, wait for the drip to conclude and then remove it from the table. If the trial goes well I'd upgrade. Things I've looked at include see saw drips (in my price range) but I am unsure how they work (does the see saw drop water in 2 locations, so do I need two sugar cubes). Another thing I've looked at is absinthe pipes, but have absolutely no damn clue what they do or how to drink from them. Do you drip water in down the stem or just mix it? I'd appreciate any answers or new ideas you may have. Thank you for your help Josh