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  1. It is a novel combination to be sure! Next thing you know some actors will start smoking weed and making shy people uncomfortable at parties.
  2. Almost got roped into She Loves Me, for Christmas, but could not swing the schedule. I just meant that is Joe needs a Sweeney Todd, I'm his man. That is the perfect role for me.
  3. Is this the place to leave a complaint about RIDGE Distillery? Here it is. I have several bottles of your product, and I am beginning to think that there must be a flaw in the bottles that you are using. They are either leaking or not sealing properly. I know this because the contents diminish much too quickly. Certainly more quickly than the other bottles in my bar. Every day I pick up the Ridge bottles and they are either empty or significantly lower in volume than they were the day before. I have to keep putting them outside and opening new ones. Do you know how depressing it is to look at bottles with only a few measly ounces in the bottom? I hope that your customer service department can rectify this situation for me. I would prefer bottles that magically refill overnight, but short of that, I would accept the installation of a three tap Ridge fixture in my bar. I am available every night between 5:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., but be warned, my breath will smell like Silvertip.
  4. And to think I saw the new and expectant nest waiting to be filled with a giant, Buddha bellied, copper baby. Here is my question, what will you do when you have to pay attention to two overflowing growlers at once. You won't be able to blame the spillage on me. btw, can I suck on your mop?
  5. You suspect correctly. In fact, "top notch" is a bit of an understatement. I am hard pressed indeed to think of two kinder, more generous people. Thanks T73 and Maggie the Cat (as you will forever be known to me) for having us over and for putting up with all of my, no doubt, annoying questions. "It comes out where? Yeast does what? Oh, so you are saying there is wormwood in there? What would happen if I tried to look in the onion with a lighter?" You get the idea. The Ridge is indeed a wonderland and I would support those guys even if they put out mediocre swill. The fact that their product is so effin wonderful is just the icing on the proverbial cake.
  6. They do not ship to Montana either. I tried to grab you a bottle.
  7. So why does mine create large rock candy babies in the bottle? and, no, I did not put it in the freezer
  8. I have been ghosting for so long that I don't know if there is such a thread, but I second the motion to make one if there is not already. I have been using homemade lime cordial all summer and it beats the heck out of Rosie's. Ahhh, the Gimlet. I wish I was not at work right now.