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  1. I've had a couple of the oak-aged Gustav and they were fantastic. I'm a big fan of oak-aged absinthe, I haven't tried the regular Gustav.
  2. So I've started an Amiga BBS! Yes, in 2018. It's called aBSiNTHE BBS and it's badass as far as these things go. Fun text art, animation effects, loads of games, and more. We have the Wormwood Society FAQ hosted in The Library section of the board and I'm starting a series of articles that go more in depth into things such as notable brands, distilleries, and releases, preparation tips, trends in distilling, and more that people may find useful. If you're into retro computing at all, or if you're looking for a different social experience, grab a telnet client such as Syncterm and head over to absinthe.darktech.org port 23. If you don't have Syncterm installed or just can't be bothered, you can check us out via TelnetBBSGuide's plugin right from your web browser at: https://www.telnetbbsguide.com/bbs/absinthe-bbs/ On your next visit though, have Syncterm so you can go fullscreen, upload and download, etc. You can visit the FB page right here: https://www.facebook.com/AbsintheBBS/. I hope to see some of you check it out! Drop into The Green Hour section and add anything you like about absinthe.
  3. Haha I wouldn't say it was Hell, but it definitely made parties a lot less fun. And dates. and...okay maybe it was Hell.
  4. Haha what's up Brian. Maybe I should change the title of the post so that people know it's a serious one. I'll change it to "What Do It Really Do Doh"
  5. Man, it's been ages since I've been on WWS! I took a 5 month break from alcohol to get my exercise and diet back on track, but now that I've dropped ~20lbs it's time to drink some absinthe dammit. When I left, Justifee & Ancienne was the new hotness. For good reason, I loved it! But what great releases have I missed that I should check out? Catch me up!
  6. I haven't had Mt. Defiance, but I can attest that the rest are all uniformly excellent, particularly the NO and Clandestine. I must say that is an outstanding first order. 2016 is definitely a great time to get into absinthe, the quality available in the market is light years beyond what it was just 10 years ago.
  7. Mine is on the way, I'm hoping to have it in by the new year. I'm looking forward to hearing Brian's thoughts! He's jumping on this review quickly
  8. There is a good handful of quality US absinthe distilleries nowadays, so when the time is right for you Stefano I'm sure that you can make some calls and get the ball rolling! Unless they're completely oblivious to the absinthe world, they'll know what kind of excitement your products will bring. Also, although I personally love the aptly described "leather and old money" aroma of L'Ancienne, I'm hearing great things about Justifiée & Ancienne and will be all over it when it's released.
  9. Thank you for filling us in Martin! From what people who have tried it are saying, it is a fantastic absinthe. Yes, with what you said I can't blame Stefano either, although I do hope he returns to crafting commercial absinthe one day. Is this going to be a limited release or will it be a regular offering from you? Edit: Yes, I was wondering if this was a reference to that song! It was everywhere back in the day.
  10. Sure thing- it's a closed group, so I'm not sure that the link will work if one is not a member: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Absintheantiques/permalink/1202173529853113/?comment_id=1202589266478206&notif_t=group_comment_reply&notif_id=1475621001566251 If that doesn't work then I've linked to a screen capture here: http://i1058.photobucket.com/albums/t416/Grillkick/Absinthe/screengrabJandA_zps1m4krfdu.jpg Scott's comment about it not being L'Ancienne is actually in response to an earlier question regarding if it was related to or the successor of L'Ancienne- not a comment about the quality, IE: "it's no L'Ancienne".
  11. So while we have your attention, can you tell us a bit about this release? The characteristics mentioned and the color clearly indicate oak aging. I also understand that the release is a few months out. I will most likely be ordering several bottles and I'm sure other members' ears are perking up too.
  12. You're welcome! To be fair, Scott(who is doing great things with absinthe education all over the place) did post his feedback to the "Absinthe Antiques" Facebook group. But yes, WWS is still where this kind of information needs to be posted to get the attention of those most active in buying, grading, and recommending quality absinthe.
  13. I should clarify my "obvious politics" statement as it could be taken the wrong way- what I mean is that it would be interesting to see if this is a collaboration of Stefano's and Martin's recipes, as in the comment "It is a nice marriage of Antoine and Ancienne ". I'm pretty excited myself. Also, "L'Ancienne", not "La Ancienne". Man, we should have a longer window to edit our posts before there are any responses haha
  14. So a fellow recently posted on a Facebook absinthe group about tasting a sample of a new absinthe from the Zufanek distillery called: "Justifiée & Ancienne". Of course seeing the inclusion of the word "Ancienne" on a new offering about to be released from the Zufanek distillery made me shoot up in my seat. The fellow posting about it, Scott MacDonald, had this to say about it: "I am having a sample of Martin's new absinthe Justifiée & Ancienne. It is so great. It has a softness and roundness, while still capturing the spirit of vintage, without any sharp edges or harshness. It is a lovely caramel color, and my favorite absinthe from him to date. Masterful." It looks like we have a successor to La Ancienne, although this one is crafted by Martin and not Stefano. The tasting notes could be straight from a review of La Ancienne, down to the color. Scott did remark that it was not La Ancienne per se. Another fellow who also tried a sample said that "It is a nice marriage of Antoine and Ancienne " There are obvious politics here and I definitely had my own reaction, but that aside I do have to say that I am excited to try it now that La Ancienne is no longer being released. Thoughts? REVIEW PAGE ADDED
  15. Every time I come here secure in my knowledge of absinthe.... and Absomphe reminds me that when it comes to beer, I'm Jon Snow. Tonight I'm drinking Brevans Crowley and Grenouille.
  16. I'm glad to see other Sherlock fans here! Well tonight... I'm drinking the very last of my Sapphire(my source will remain anonymous so don't ask). :( I'll probably never be able to taste this amazing la bleue again. Ah well, I guess it's like seeing a girl you used to love to sleep with getting married. It's gone, but you damn sure had it ^_^
  17. Belewfripp- that happens to me too sometimes! I'll be somewhere and all of a sudden smell absinthe. That doesn't happen with any other spirit. I wonder if that's common among us?
  18. My other bottle of La Grenouille that was *supposed* to be for archiving. Like the "archived" bottles of La Ancienne. Or Oak Aged Roquette. Or etc etc. I drink them all. I suck at archiving.
  19. I've had a long but profitable day- I contracted with two new local venues to send my DJs for weekly entertainment(I own a small event production and entertainment company www.perfecteventdjs.com). So now I'm kicking back with Peter Murphy on vinyl and some Roquette 1797 Oak-aged. I'm eagerly awaiting my order of Gron Opal, La Grenouille, Amave, and Du Centenaire to arrive. Very pumped about the Opal from the buzz here and elsewhere.
  20. Right there with you, just ordered two, one to drink and one to archive. This will probably go quickly since we can get ahead of it.
  21. Absolutely Songcatcher. It is wonderful to be a part of a community that has an honest love for something like this and shares the experience with others who can appreciate it. I've had some great sample trades here and it's been so wonderful. I've just been away from the forums for a while and missed out this time haha
  22. I now deeply regret not saving any of my bottles. They were just too tasty! I feel priveleged to have had so much of a product that will now have an air of legend to it. I hope that you revisit it one day and thank you for not compromising!