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  1. Hey, it's not like I'm an official judge or anything. I'm just a good customer.
  2. Gotta love free booze! I went by the liquor store and they surprised me with a couple of flasks of bourbon to try, they want my opinion. I'm sipping on the Hill Rock now. It almost smells like a rum, but its a good smooth bourbon. Its solera aged. Next up is Sledge Hammer, which has been aged, or at least finished, in Chardonnay casks.
  3. I usually use a pipe, but yes, it is something that I enjoy on a daily basis. It goes great with absinthe. In my field you don't have to worry about being tested unless you want to work for one of the big corporations, which I don't.
  4. The smoke shop was out of my usual Amsterdam Shag, so I'm smoking the Stockholm Blend. It's a little dry, and it's harsher than the AS even when it's fresh,, but the southern humidity is helping slowly.
  5. Leopold Bro's verte, it's as good as I remember it being. The Jefferson's barrel finished Manhattan is disappointing, too much vermouth and it gets salty after a couple glasses.
  6. Yum, obituaries... I have the fixins, but I'm not trying to knock myself out quite yet. Just had another copper and kings, It's definitely worth picking up if you like blanches. :cheers2:
  7. Duplais verte, pacifique, and copper and kings, one of each so far. I went and enlightened a seller of inebriates about absinthe this afternoon, so I think I've earned a few more glasses. If anybody wants to try the copper and kings Blanche let me know, I could part with a sample or two.
  8. Evan Williams 1783 small batch sour mash. I've developed a taste for the cheaper bourbons, some of them know what they're doing.
  9. No, it's not... Smoking PS Amsterdam Shag as usual.
  10. The "tissue fluid" taste is something that I get with a lot of blanches, I don't know what it is exactly. The first time I tasted it it reminded me of the smell of the fluid that build up in blisters on edematous decedents. Yeah, try to forget that.
  11. I like it better than Kübler, but it's not quite up there with duplais. It is good enough to buy a bottle if'n you like sweeter absinthe, the brandy base really shows through. When I was at a local store, the owner had a 375ml bottle that he'd bought for himself. I need to go back and see if he got more of them.
  12. Dry martinis with celery bitters to start, I'm not sure what'll be next.
  13. He's obviously fond of absinthe. Hopefully he will continue to do his part to educate the masses.
  14. I know there was a thread about one of his videos, but I'm not sure where it's at. Here is one that I hadn't seen before, it's pretty good. https://youtu.be/sV3GOb7cNYM Yeah, he tastes a Czech brand, but the information is good. I like most of his videos.