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  1. I don't mind if it's delicate, I just want something good so i can say "yes, i drink absinthe" and not some fake, sugared thing that poses as one, and in Poland they are very common.
  2. @fingerpickinblue actually, i know it's not middle shelf, my friend owes me a favour so i decided that he could buy me something good >:D
  3. ok, Is Marteau really that good? i've seen it got 5/5 from NYTrekkie but that also raised my warning flag because of previous experience with max rated items.
  4. Happy New Year to all of you! And remember If you drank, don't drive, If you didn't drank, then drink!
  5. So i checked out the reviews and offer so this is the list of what I found: -Belle Amie -Duplais Balance -Duplais Verte -François Guy (has been recommended by Phoney) -Jade PF 1901 -Kübler 53 -Sauvage Price on each one is pretty damn attractive and ratings are pretty high, BUT if you have somebad experience with any of these, please tell me.
  6. Thank you People, problem is that guy who is supplying me with party juice needs to know brand first (trying to get any quality Absinthe in so called "specialty" shop, which i might translated badly, is a miracle, they really do not have an idea what quality absinthe is. One guy recommended me King of Spirits Gold... I ran away and might have set a world record in 100 meters run)
  7. Happy New Year People! But back to the topic, I just finished that dreadful Dr Jekyll (Oh my... The sugar... THE SUGAR is EVERYWHERE!) and i do not know what to do. I want to start again, so i come here to You to ask: What would be a good middle-shelf (and by that i mean cheap, but not too cheap, reasonable!) Absinthe? I heard Lucid is good, any othe suggestions?
  8. I remember seeing King of Spirits, my friend has it so i warned him about it, he still wants to drink it...
  9. Thank you, now i have an idea of what is good... Apsinthion and Jekyll are nowhere there, what a terrible start i had XD
  10. @redwun i know about that, i just wanted personal opinions of yours
  11. Basicaly, the worst you ever had, i still have 350ml of Dr Jekyll that i need to endure before i'm gonna change that bottle into a lamp, so give me your thoughts on what is in your definition the absolutely worst (if You can could you personaly rate them (and if You have any experience with Dr Jekyll, rate it too) using 0 to 10 scale, 10 being apocalypse an 0 being Not as bad) In advance, I apologise for my grammar
  12. I want to thank you all for warm welcome, and @TheLoucheyMonster! thank you for links, very helpful!
  13. Quoting Joe Legate: "Please notice, I took the liberty of correcting your spelling of absinthE. We like the "e" on authentic absinthe. Absinth (sans "e") is often a word choice made by producers of crapsinth. Just sayin'. Also, some of us are pretty persnickety when it comes to punctuation and grammar so for your own peace of mind, use spell-check, find that shift-key and capitalize those proper nouns and pronouns, please. We don't really have too many rules here but several of us would appreciate a little clarity in communication. ;)" Yeah, I'm sorry about that, I learned English mostly from video games so grammar is tricky to me (even in Polish, which is my main language, but it's because i'm lazy, i'm not proud of it :( that's also from where i got "absinth" because of polish word "Absynt", there is no E at the end. Thank you Joe!
  14. Hi everyone, My name's Wiktor and I'm looking for a good drink for special occasions, my adventure with Absinthe, if you could even say it was Absinthe, didn't started very well (first was Polish Apsinthion, then German Dr Jekyll... yeah, not the best stuff but it was avaible and i kinda liked them) and i'm looking for something that is actualy good, actualy i'm looking for two things: 1. The very best absinthe around, something for special occasions. 2. An affordable middle-shelf absinthe that could give me good absinthe experience (and by that i mean color, good and strong taste without too much sweetness, you add sugar for that after all :D) So yeah, i'm very new to the Absinthe and i would be very grateful for help.