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  1. Hostility? I got hostility from just asking an innocent question here. Don't tell me about hostility. I didn't tell you about anything. I asked why you always seem so argumentative. No worries, plenty of other friendly people here with years of experience to learn from.
  2. My bad - Amy from a few comments up.
  3. What's with the hostility always? You seem so argumentative across a variety of absinthe forums.
  4. Yep I don't wanna break me that's for sure! Thanks
  5. I live in an old house that doesn't have central A/C, and I was wondering what people's thoughts were on temperature swings and absinthe storage. Most of what I have lasts a year or less but I have a few more expensive Jade bottles now that I'd like to drink sparingly. The built in cabinet I've repurposed for liquor is around 75 degrees now, instead of its normal spring/fall/winter cooler temps. Do you think I should move it to the basement where it's a little cooler in the warm months? Or is 75 for 3 or so months out of the year ok. Thanks!
  6. No problem, hopefully it stays stocked! Too bad we couldn't meet up last weekend, next time I make it to Seattle I need a tour!
  7. As an update I received a call from South Lyndale Liquors last week. As a result of our earlier conversation they picked up a case of Pacifique and it's now on the shelf for $64.99. I just picked up a bottle, anyone in the area should go buy one so we can prove how worthwhile it is to keep it stocked on the shelf!!
  8. Colorado has all types of entertainment these days! I do love it out there, it's been too long since I've made it over.
  9. I read on another forum someone was claiming to work at an "unnamed" absinthe bar (he won't say the name), and listed off a laundry list of absinthe they carry which included the Jade line. I've read about the delays to purchase 1901 at DrinkupNY and I wasn't aware of any bar in the country carrying it. Does anyone know if this is legit?
  10. Thanks for the link! It is better than it could have been. I'd like to see a poll showing how often people are misquoted in interviews, makes me very skeptical of our media quality in general.
  11. Not a movie, but sipping Pacifique and VP while watching True Detective. I'm liking it!
  12. Welcome! Your story jogged a memory of what is probably my first time having absinthe, and in Australia as well. It was probably 10 years ago while I was in college, and from what I can remember it involved lighting it on fire and sucking the trapped vapors out of a glass through a straw... Needless to say I eventually re-found the drink, and enjoy it in an entirely different (and correct) fashion. Now I just need to find a bar that carries 1901!
  13. Welcome! I'll be in the Gold Coast next January! I've got family in Brisbane and friends in Surfer's
  14. I stopped by South Lyndale Liquors yesterday afternoon and since it was slow I asked to speak with someone about absinthe. I explained to the gentleman that considering the two new options they may be able to get Pacifique, and asked if they would consider stocking it. His response was that absinthe sells poorly and he has to consider space needs, as he can only carry so much. I agreed that that makes since, and offered my opinions on the brands they carry. They have approx. 6 brands and said that I purchase two of the 6 only and Pacifique is be a better option compared to some of the other similarly priced they have that aren't the same caliber of quality (obstinee is 89.00 there, vieux pontarlier & heritage 69, st geo and Sirene are 59, I can't recall the other brands). I left my info and he said he would look into it, and could at the very least special order a few bottles. His last question to me was if I ever hallucinated...I laughed a bit thinking he was joking, but in the end it didn't appear so. Hopefully they make the switch and decide to carry it instead! Otherwise, if there's enough people on here interested (depending on price) maybe we could get enough buyers to get him to order a case or something. I can keep people updated if there's an interest, just let me know.
  15. I get those types of requests about twice a week. It seems like all of these journalists either wait until the last minute to do everything, or they put a false sense of urgency to try to get people to act fast. And the kicker is that probably 50% of the time, they never call or email back once I say that I'm happy to help. Flighty to say the least. I remember on two separate occasions (one CNN and one a local Fox affiliate) expected me to drop my workload and drive downtown for a television piece with about a two hour notice. While I obliged since I didn't have meetings scheduled those days, it was still amazing to me their level of entitlement. My job has me working with print and tv media a decent amount and I'd say this sounds like par for the course. When I was new I usually jumped to their whims, but now I've learned to dig deeper into their actual deadlines. I'll go out of my way if I think the story is indeed urgent, otherwise they need to bend to my schedule. Edit: words...
  16. I've been drinking absinthe for maybe 5 years now, and the first thing I do prior to purchasing anything new is check the reviews on WS. If it's under a 3 - 3.5 or so I stay away, and haven't been disappointed yet.
  17. Happy new year to you and all my new absinthe drinking buddies!
  18. Time to settle in to some football and crack open the Vieux Pontarlier I picked up
  19. I go there all the time and I'll be sure to ask. If they can get Pacifique you're going to make me a very poor man! I absolutely love it.
  20. I was at south lyndale liquors today and they had a few more brands. Vieux Pontarlier, Heritage, and another brand that escapes me (it was a 350ml bottle from a California maker). I picked up some Vieux, it looked like the reviews weren't favorable for heritage.
  21. Well that definitely trumps me. I'm still saving for a free shipping order from absinthes.com...then I'll try some Jade!
  22. A Friday off seems like a good afternoon to break into my new bottle of Kübler.
  23. Haha it figures you'd ask, when I have no clues what champagne it was! My girlfriend was drinking a bottle with some St. Germain and I took a glass to try DITA. I used Pacifique but I'm not sure what the champagne was...I think it was an Asti of sorts.