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  1. Couple glasses of a cheap house white from a local winery, and a couple snifters of Remy-Martin vsop. Finished the bottle, time to replace it. Think I'll get a bottle of Hine this time.
  2. Couple glasses of Sangiovese with dinner, a tulip of Roner gold grappa, and a snifter of Remy-Martin VSOP still waiting on my bottle of Jade..... :(
  3. A couple more glasses of bordeaux with dinner.
  4. Allo! So though new to the site I already see the absinthe universe is far more expansive than expected. You may tell by my name why I would be curious about La Clandestine VSO Barrique. Where do I get one? Moreover, how do I get one in Canada? Canadian members, give me your procurement secrets!
  5. I caved, I bought the fancy absinthe sugar.
  6. Mistake? You find it is not effective for absinthe?
  7. Allo allo! New guy reporting, so please have mercy on my humble trinkets. I just bought this spoon on ebay, I like that it has an actual spoon end on it so that I can use it to extricate olives when I make martinis. Steel spoon, won't tarnish or chip/flake. I was all set to buy a pontarlier glass and was considering to buy a brouille, but then it occurred to me that our crystal water goblets look an awful lot like the non-pontarlier type absinthe glasses. And better yet I found this narrow spout vessel that my wife bought, and which I had previously made fun of for looking silly, which pours a light, steady and thin stream of water! So I think I will drink absinthe on the cheap for a while The only thing I need to ask myself is do I want to pay way too much money for sugar cubes just because they are wrapped in a little green paper that says Absinthe.... ‹ ​
  8. Well as far as a herbal bitter goes, it fared well alongside other anice digestives like Bosco and cheap ouzo. Having no reference to true Absinthe, I just assumed all Absinthe was another form of anice bitter. I'm very excited for my bottle of Jade!
  9. Just new myself, very interested to find out how other fellow ontarians are sourcing their absinthe. LCBO offerings seem limited.
  10. Just looking to get some vis on the best kit to buy WRT absinthe prep, and forums are always full of info. Haven't had too much of a look around yet, but this doesn't seem to be the grumpy sort of forum where senior members just tell you to read old threads every time you ask a question, so that's always a positive sign. I got in to absinthe almost 10 years ago when I bought a bottle of King of Spirits in Prague, for which I'm sure I paid too much. But I live in Ontario, Canada, and we are largely rather Soviet when it comes to liquor sales, and as such proper Absinthe doesn't really seem to exist here. Regardless, I enjoyed the bottle of King of Spirits, which as I read about it these days seems to be a relatively low-grade Absinthe. So I'm very excited to dig in to a bottle of Jade Nouveau-Orleans I have coming to me via a friend passing through Chicago. Seems like I got the last bottle in the state, according to the manager at Binny's. Anyway, here's hoping peoples pictures start loading for me post-intro thread!