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  1. Hello and Welcome to the world of Absinthe Party on!
  2. Just a note to all of you that have not tried Marteau Master's Reserve - It is my favorite and although my review is unconventional and not what you are used to seeing - I have found no better in my search for a great absinthe. I would welcome your professional insight and your knowledge - I would like to see a professional review on it! Thank you and cheers the weekend will soon be here!
  3. Welcome Wiktor! There are a lot of Absinthe brands out there some great and others not so great! - You should read the reviews that are posted here for a good starting point and see what is available in your area. I found I have to ship mine in from NY State as nothing in my area appeals to me. Look me up and you can see where I have been and where I am now with my Absinthe adventures. Cheers and Happy Drinking!
  4. Welcome - A few places here in the states will waive shipping if you order enough - I buy my absinthe form Catskill Celllars
  5. So.....How was your weekend experince? Was it what you expected? I am sure we all would like to know!
  6. That would be wonderful - I will be looking forward to meeting you!
  7. You can do a lot worse as I have in the past! Something called the Green Fairy is more like lighter fluid than a liquor! Most good or great Absnthes are not found where I live - So after experimenting with a good start which was Lucid, It only went down hill from ther until I decided to purchase from good reputable dealers that have wonderful selections of Absinthe both American and European. Enjoy your weekend!
  8. I live in Riverview, just south of Brandon and east of Tampa. I will try diluting it as you said at 5:1 - Too bad you do not live closer anymore as I would enjoy the company and conversation and I love to share my experiences with you as I do with others. Although if you lived closer would I be enjoying my Masters's Reserve at this moment? I have two vices in my life... Cars, I love sports cars and now Absinthe - I do not skimp on either and I accelpt no substitutes! I drive a 2014 Porsche Cayman and Drink Marteau Master's Reserve as you well know! PS. I do not mix the two as one contains oil and the other water! I will shut up now as I have some diluting to do. Thank you
  9. Did sombody mention a party tonight? I will bring the Marteau Master's Reserve for the after dinner enjoyment!
  10. You are right, that was a nicely written article.
  11. Just a quick update I tried diluting two to one - poured the water slowing over the sugar cube and louching was fast and nice, the flavor was still distinct and full bodied. Now I am glad i oreded the second bottle - I had faith and it was on my side looks like I came out ahead - later or tomorrow would be better! Thank you again - I never new it could taste this good!
  12. Well, my first bottle arrived today from Catskill Cellars - As I opened the bottle, I immediately noticed its fragrance and was very pleased - I poured myself a shot just to taste and I was overwelmed with the smoothness of this wonderful new asbinthe I had discovered! All I can say at this incredible moment is wow and thank you Gwydion Stone - I now have a new favorite! In addition - I now know better than to leave my computer when I am leaving a post as a friend of mine added that liitle spicy comment in my last post about the Ridge Verte! - Any way I will be back later - I intend toi have a wonderful evening with my Marteau Master's Reserve. Cheers!!!
  13. Thank you for the warm welcome - I realized I made a little mistake it the wording of one of my favorites The Ridge Verte not Rigid Luscious Oily Lesbians!! My Marteau arrives tomorrow and I am axiously waiting its arrival - I do have to thank all of you for all the input prior to joining - Without it I might have been drinking just some old green slime!
  14. Hello Everyone, My name is Jerry and I live in Sunny Florida on the once quiet West Coast just outside of Tampa. I have been visiting this site for quite some time and thought it was time to join. I have been drinking, sharing and enjoying my absinthe with friends and family. I started quite by accident about two years ago when a friend suggested we get a bottle of Lucid. From what I was told that was not a bad start. However, I started experimenting to expand my taste and enjoyment of absinthe. I have been enjoying Paciifique (my favorite so far), Rigid Verte, and Walton Waters, just to name a few. Some were not so enjoyable such as the Green Fairy. When I heard about Marteau Master's Reserve I knew I had to try it. I am anxiously awaiting my first bottle to arrive so I can expand my knowledge and delight my taste buds! I will share with all of you once I have tasted and I am sure enjoyed my upcoming experience.