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  1. Well, one must remember that that New France was separated from France in every sense following the conquest by the British a long long time before Absinthe was even invented. The wealthy and noble French all went home just in time to be guillotined in the Revolution. Those who remained were the poor and uneducated, as well as the priests. Perhaps two noble families remained as well.
  2. Hello! Welcome! Some years ago I tried Absente and Pernod's attempt at recreating absinthe. At the time, I made myself think I liked them. In retrospect, I think they were just awful now. If you like pastis I can highly recommend Ricard (instead of Pernod & when absinthe isn't available). I had some at a high end resto last month and it was delicious. Cheers
  3. Hey, thanks for all the friendly greetings! With respect to some comments, here are my replies: Taboo Absinthe: It's not 'bad' at all. It's "different": a different take on traditional absinthe. It's not as super delicious as La Clandestine, Jade Edouard, & others but it's certainly good for a change. I'm glad I tried it. I would try it again. It's just not as fantastic as other brands, while certainly MUCH better than many many awful brands. Clandestine Absinthe pricing; We go to Gatineau to get ours. I might import three bottles from Europe to get the better price and free shipping deal in the spring, but it's not a huge deal. Absinthe Restaurant: Whoa, how cool is it you know of this place? I am quite overdue for a return visit. Last time I went they had a choice of Hills, Taboo, and Versinthe. Not the best :/ Australia: I have heard this high pricing problem before about buying certain foreign goods down under in shops or importing directly. Taxes, fees, shipping, markups..they sure add up.. Anyway, I'm enjoying some Berthe de Joux this evening. It certainly fills the room with a lovely aroma! Cheers
  4. I bought one of each Frenchman spoons years ago, when he was doing them in silver-plate. I've been quite happy with them, and when they tarnish enough to look "dirty" rather than "vintage", I remove the tarnish with the boiling water/baking soda/aluminium foil bath method. I was surprised to learn he stopped doing the silver-plate spoons, and now it's all chrome or stainless steel. I like all the models I bought, and I like to mix it up using different ones each time we do an absinthe evening. If I had to pick a favourite, it would be the one that looks like wormwood leaves. Or perhaps the Lautrec one. Or the Eiffel Tower one.I can't decide Luscious Oily Lesbians!
  5. Sipping some green fairy

  6. I'm hesitant to post to such an old topic but here goes! Recently (Oct 2013) I received an order from Absintheclassics.com with no problems, although they did not provide me with a tracking number which was somewhat irritating. Ordering from them seems be a good way of trying some brands that the local liquor stores won't stock (in my case, the LCBO or SAQ). I received Esprit Edouard, La Berthe de Joux, and La Roquette 1797. I'm in Ottawa. The local LCBO stocks La Clandestine, Versinthe, and Absente. The SAQ over the border in Quebec stocks La Clandestine, Taboo, & Vieux Pontarlier. So, not much choice at either. Also, prices in Ontario much higher than Quebec due to taxation differences. Overall, I would have to say importing from Europe is a better deal especially if ordering enough to qualify for free shipping. I love La Clandestine, but it's $99 in Ontario, $88 in Quebec, yet only $65 in Europe MINUS VAT! Such crazy taxes we endure, sigh. I hope this post is helpful, cheers
  7. Hello fellow absinthe fans! I'm in Ottawa, Canada, and have been a fan of absinthe for quite a few years. My current favourite brand is La Clandestine, a swiss 'bleue', which is available here at the government shop (L.C.B.O.) for the ridiculous price of $99. It's also available over the nearby provincial border in Quebec for $88 which isn't much better, since in Europe it's $65! I'm not a particularily frugal person, but our taxes on liquor are quite onerous. My current favourite 'verte' is not available locally: Esprit Edouard 72'. I recently imported a bottle from Europe, along with a bottle each of Roquette 1797, and La Berthe de Joux (both from Pernot et Fils in Pontarlier and neither available locally either, boo!). Previous brands I have tried included Un Emile 68, Un Emile Sapin, Absente (yuck), Taboo (yay Canada!), Lucide (funk smell, ugh), my goodness so many others I can't remember. I've collected some silver plated spoons from Frenchman (why did he switch to boring stainless? Sigh), a few carafes that never worked as well as hoped, and one czech fountain which is way too short for my glassware: french Pontarlier and Torsade glasses. I do enjoy turning people onto absinthe for the first time, with the ritual and history thereto..although I hate having to counter the false views re thujone and the so-called 'bohemian method' with fire. I'm on twitter too. Say hey sometime! (Bilingue, anglais/francais) Max