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  1. I used la clandestine and a brut, thanks to everyone for the advice, i think i may steer clear of these in favor of normally prepared absinthe in the future.
  2. Alright awesome thanks for the help
  3. Hello! I was hoping for some advice on how to mix a death in the afternoon, I have absinthe and champagne of course but I'm not sure on ratios, or if I ought to add anything else? Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks
  4. Wow... I wasn't going to buy this but since reading that review I might just have to change my mind! Seroiously though, nice review, made me laugh
  5. And I am very jealous of your PF1901 Just imagine if we could combine the two!
  6. I have used table sugar before, the drink comes out nicely but I do feel some of the beauty in the ritual is lost.
  7. Even though I havnt tried many absinthes the few that I have tried have left me acutely aware of the difference between good and poor quality Absinthe, so I feel that I'm going to start with what I know but I do agree that I'm likely to stick to them for a while. So in short I feel that while I'm too new to the game to fully cut off options I havnt tried I'm moving in that direction already
  8. Tes IV Oblivion, great game alone, even better with a glass of pf1901. Also... I'm really jealous of Todd getting to beta test for ESO!
  9. Thanks for the advice, I think that following some experimentation sugar is unneeded. I'm not sure I can wait a month :P maybe I should have bought two bottles! Also thank you all for all your welcomes! Nice to know your such an active and welcoming group of people.
  10. OH MY GOD! that is nothing like what i've had before... so much deeper, and more complex. it feels very different in my mouth, I don't know how to describe it well but I'm sure people know what i'm talking about. Just wow! *takes another sip* Now i think i can begin to understand all the hype about good Absinthe, and why you look so poorly on the bad stuff. Thank you wormwoodsociety. Cheers to you all
  11. So, as I type this, I have a glass of PF1901 sitting beside me ready to be drunk. This will be my first taste ot "real" Absinthe. Lets have a taste!
  12. Thanks, that is quite informative I guess I shall do some experimenting then post my results
  13. I'm thinking I will open this tonight, I want to do this properly so does anyone have and advice on ratios to use? And I have always used sugar, but from my reading I may not need to with this, am I correct?
  14. Hi, my name is Tom and I've been lurking around here for a month or so and finally decided that I would like to get involved in this community. I hope to learn more about this great drink, as this site has helped me to do already. So how did I discover Absinthe? well I had it on holiday in Croatia a few years ago, and didn't think much of it, I'm not sure what it was but I'm pretty sure looking back that is was some form of Czechsinth (judging from the neon green colour). Anyway I drinking it not knowing how much better real absinthe could be. About a month ago I bought a bottle of Apsinthion Absinthe in my local Supermarket, and it was not great, but knowing that Supermarkets do not always stock the best in the way of Spirits I went online to see how it compared, I could only find one review and it was very negative, So seeing how as i hadn't found it too bad I thought lets see what I can find out. after a short search i found Alandia, and looked at the site, looked at the bottles they sold, and fell for their marketing (yes i know it was a bad move). So I bought a bottle of what they said was their "best seller" Strong68. whilst waiting for that to be delivered I started looking for reviews form other places about what I was going to get and came across this site. Since then i have read this site a lot and I have decided to try a third time, this time with a bottle of Jade PF1901. I decided on that by looking at this site and taking the highest reviewed bottle and just going for it. Anyway, that bottle is now on my shelf and as of this point unopened, I hope that it will be a step up form what I have experienced before, although I have enjoyed them, I do not feel they are a good representation of absinthe. I hope to continue to improve my experiences and share in the community here.