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  1. See, I collect alcohol containers and otherwise historical advertisement. Cans, bottles, all of it, all iterations over time. I will buy something I have little chance of liking much if it resides in a container I aesthetically must have, like that Chinese beer in Buddha-shaped bottles. Uniqueness and history are the factors; I care not for a pink lemonade flavored vodka bottle, but an Old Granddad bottle is essential. I bought a 15-pack of Stroh's because I needed one Stroh's can just for historicity. But beauty is not left out with me - that Stranger and Stranger Absinthe bottle I have no doubt I would absolutely need even if it was just full of Malört. I do not care, if I can afford it I want that G*ddamned bottle...
  2. Really happy to hear from the mouth of the horse! I will take that advice and run with it. I will get some pisco itself and see if that is indeed the intoxicating, fruity part of that absinthe I am so addicted to. Or more properly, can not get enough of
  3. It only seemed to me as exaggerated as any website/magazine review of a comp'ed, relatively expensive, subjective product. These companies send this stuff to those review establishments *for* positive feedback; like how cigar and wine magazines work. The products are rated favorably and in terms of objective quality they aren't bad at all, they just don't compare well in their chosen price range. My problem with it is that he reviewed it after only mentioning trying a little bit neat....
  4. Very glad you guys are pickin' up what I'm puttin' down here! @Brian Robinson + baubel "Juicy fruitish" and "nectar-like" are both ways I would totally describe it, and it seems more pronounced in the aroma, but it is definitely in the taste as well.
  5. 1 Enigma Verte de Fougerolles, 1 Leopold Bros. Verte, and 2 snorks of bing cherry moonshine
  6. So as I venture out and try new bottles as I am able to afford now and then, I am able to pick out unique flavors in each more and more. But I cannot be very precise still; I am still trying to pick out fennel from the trinity, for example. What I have found is that there is something profoundly unique in aroma between Leopold and Butterfly, and they are my absolute favorites for it; it is a citrusy-sweet aroma that flows forth during and after the louche, and I am nearly as content to smell in the aroma of the drink as actually drink it. But I have no idea what herb it is so I can shop by that characteristic. So my question is thus: can some of you seasoned palates perhaps theorize what Leopold and Butterfly share, which herbs are somewhat forward in those two alike? I know it is a really subjective question and almost certainly unanswerable, so perhaps I can instead ask for suggestions about what I probably would enjoy if I love the ever-loving out of those two? I have enjoyed all I have tried so far, but there is just *some* specific aroma/flavor common to these two that make me feel like a brain scan upon a smell and sip would light up all different colors! Thanks a bunch in advance [EDIT] Thought I put this in General; if it needs moving, please do.
  7. What I get from that is that Pernot stepped in to the Deniset-Klainguer distillery in 2006, so any pre-ban absinthes from the distillery that is now Emile Pernot would have been "Deniset-Klainguer" and not "Emile Pernot."
  8. Had no problems, either, Customs wise; they were my first internet order. I got the aforementioned little triplet Butterfly-Clandestine-Artemisia set. Although the FedEx guy did need a signature, which I'm glad for. My review of the Butterfly is simply "Hnnnng..." Must have more. NOW.
  9. Yeah, last time I went a-looking just to see a couple years ago, it was Grande Absente or Kübler anywhere really, and Pernod would rear its head in a couple places like Total Beverage. So at least there is now some different and even good stuff slowly seeping in.
  10. @JosephLabrecque I'm also in N. Denver, but I made a pilgrimage down to Tipsy's; they had Emperor Norton, St. George, Kübler, La Fee and Leopold Bros. Not even Lucid, Absente or Pernod. Argonaut has St. George, Trinity, Leopold Bros., Lucid, Pernod, Absente, Grande Absente and Kübler. I need to make a pilgrimage north to see what Daveco has these days.
  11. Thanks for all the welcomes and suggestions! I'ma hafta hunt down some of this brandy...good to hear from a few other locals
  12. I was surprised to see a bottle of this in Denver so I bought it opportunistically and am sipping it now...it is quite different. The louche really is pretty thin; you could see oils coming out of suspension, but no clouding occurred at all, really. The aroma is there and it...has something I can not but compare to bubblegum. Not artificial and quite pleasant, but unexpected. I can not really pick out what flavors are there specifically, but there is little anise and some more bitterness than is usual. Not regretting buying it for what it is and I look forward to drinking the rest, but for the price I am just a little bit thinking I may have liked St. George better if I knew beforehand that I was going home with something "different" tonight regardless.