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  1. Thanks, guys. I was kind of thinking Roquette was a-typical. When I first made my purchase I was considering getting a more mainstream verte, but "-VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE-" made me think I should try it while I could.
  2. Ive only had two absinthes, La Clandestine and Roquette 1797. I really enjoyed la Clandestine, which is a Bleue. But I found Roquette 1797 to be absolutely undrinkable (to me, a complete novice). It seamed a little bitterer but that wasnt my problem with it, it just had a lot of herbal planty flavors I didnt like. I tried it with various ratios of water and sugar but nothing made it palatable to me. Since I dont like Roquette 1797 will I dislike all vertes? Or is Roquette kind of in its own category? Thanks.
  3. Does anyone make an absinthe spoon that doesn't have holes cut/stamped into it? I'm guessing no, but I figured I'd ask. I have pretty good skills with a jewelers saw, and I think I could cut out some cool designs. http://img109.imageshack.us/img109/2517/dscn1639ex.jpg
  4. Thanks guys for the info. Don't worry I won't set it on fire.
  5. I've got a couple of little 50ml vials coming (La Clandestine, and Roquette 1797). And I've got a couple of questions about sugar. Since I don't know how much sugar to add for my taste yet. Can I just louche it without sugar and then add table sugar to taste, Instead of dripping water over sugar while louching? I don't see why not, but I'm a newblet. Also can excessive stirring do any harm? Thanks.
  6. Is Absinthes.net legit? I did a search on here and didn't come up with anything. It seems kind of fishy because they are selling absinthexplore sets exactly like Absinthes.com and when you zoom in on the photo of the box it even says "absinthes.com" on it. Have any of you done business with them? Thanks.
  7. Thanks guys for the welcome. 375 and 200ml is still pretty big (if it turns out I don't like it :D ) I was thinking more like 50ml. thanks for recommending Absinthes.com it looks like a good deal they've got little 50ml "tubes" for $9 + and shipping which isn't too bad. I've asked at a few bars and they didn't have any absinthe, I'll have to look around some more, that's probably my cheapest option to try absinthe.
  8. Hello, I'm from Portland Oregon, USA. I've never actually had absinthe but I've wanted to try it for years. For the admittedly silly reasons that I like the color green, and when I first heard about it was illegal. And since even domestic US brands are relatively expensive and there are no little sample size bottles to try I don't want to waste my money on a whole bottle of an inferior product. So I'll look around on here and possibly ask some questions (after looking in search of course).