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  1. Greetings, everyone! I am new here - in a way. I have read the Wormwood Society's pages from time to time since it's been around. I first had so-called "absinth" from the Czech Republic some time in the nineties. I remember wanting to like it more than I did. Luckily, I kept trying other products as they became available in Europe and decided that I like the real stuff. [Comment redacted by admin. Please read forum rules and guidelines] Absinthe is not the main thing in the alcoholic quadrant of my life, Elemental Mixology is. But, absinthe has real significance as a part of it.
  2. Greetings. As soon as I saw the response to the original post back in January, I knew that I needed to clarify my thoughts. Being a new father and at the beginning of the process of buying a house and moving my family and my business, it has taken some time - more than I intended. Let me state here that I never said that American-market absinthe is "fake." I do think it is different. At any rate, for anyone interested in what I (Elemental Mixology) really think of absinthe in the U.S.A., here is the new post. Cheers.