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  1. There should be a WS "stamp of approval" for quality absinthe
  2. The absinthe will be as true to historical form as I can figure out how to make it (mashing/fermentation to finished spirit). By recipe I also should have also mentioned process. Every still is different and the exact quantity of herbs to produce a proper louche for example needs to be determined. Classical recipes also differ a little in the ratio of artemisia absinthium to fennel to anise seed. I also want to compare vapor infusion to maceration to see how that affects the finished spirit. Anyway, there are more than a few things to figure out never mind making it a good business endeavor. As far as the pontica goes, alpine and rocky are a bit hard to come by here but clay and rain are not. As I'm typing, I find myself wondering if deer like to eat it.
  3. So I'd like to de-lurk so I can post a few questions and pick some brains. I'm expanding distillery operations here in west Michigan and developing recipes for absinthe. Absinthe has intrigued me for a long time and developing versions of it brings out creative opportunities that I enjoy. Hopefully others will enjoy drinking the product too of course. That's it, in a nutshell... I just got in a few different wormwood plants... anyone have any tips for getting a few young pontica plants to feel at home and be fruitful and multiply?
  4. > The production of absinthe is too low to change the drying methods of the big producers. And yet the problem persists in 2014. Where oh where can the pontica be found (USA)?