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  1. Hi gee13! I was able to kick back to a little Funkadelic with some Vieux Carre this past weekend. It was a good time!
  2. Hi Aaron! I lived in Newport for few years when I was in elementary school (also lived on a farm outside of the town for a year, but cant remember the name)-small world! I had a lot of fun back then in Arkansas coming up from Texas. Wow. Hope the Pacifique was delicious. I made a similar error and purchased a bottle of Absente before I did my homework here. My second bottle was Vieux Carre. It is.....different. I'm getting used to the flavor profile slowly (only 3 glasses in). It is very dynamic. I think my next purchase will be Pacifique. Cheers to you and good luck down there!
  3. ^^That is a true statement. Incredibly fun, addictive games. I should be on Battlefield 3 tomorrow with some Vieux Carre if all works as planned!
  4. @Cajun Magic-you can most certainly shorten it to CB! The knowledge I've already picked up just dancing in the shadows has been epic. Certainly wish I had come here before the knee jerk purchase. Again, thank you all for the welcome. Cheers!
  5. Wow, Evan! A glass of absinthe at La Closerie Des Lilas-sounds amazing. Equally amazing is your pre-ban Pernod purchase-I thought of doing the same in a month. Can't wait to hear about the taste, smell and experience. Cheers to you, sir.
  6. Thank you all! @ Jake, I'm sure I will love it, too. Eagerly counting down the days here. Best to all!
  7. Hello. I am new to both the WS site as well as absinthe. I have always been intrigued by it and finally decided to search out some for trial earlier this month. The local store had four brands (Absente, Vieux, Perrod, and St. George). Based on my finances and my desire to try any absinthe for the first time, I went with the cheapest brand-Absente. I did this with no research and knew that cheapest is not the best....but what's a guy to do? Got home, got it set up, and loved it. Drank 2 glasses that evening and pretty much killed the bottle within two weeks time. Close to finishing the bottle, I decide to start looking into Absente as a brand, other brands, and how it stacked up to those other brands. When I ran across this site and the reviews, I was a little upset. I still have not tried absinthe. I am currently working on correcting this (quite literally, too: I plan on making a purchase on payday!). So, here I am. After foraging through the site and dabbling in the forums looking for information, I decided to join. My day job is accounting/editorial duties at Indiana University. I have two amazing kids (6 and 3), enjoy vinyl (funk, old r&b, soul), football, video games, reading when I can, and the outdoors. I have already learned much from the posts here and I look forward to learning much more. Cheers!