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  1. A nice swirly glass of Authentique tonight.
  2. I bought mine in late october and it also stamped L2913. I quite liked it but didn't have the chance to compare to earlier bottlings. Hopefully future batches make a return to what was enjoyed before because I purchased it specifically due to the recommendations I had seen.
  3. I forget where I first heard abot it, but I suspect from some goth friends of mine. I did see Bram Stoker's Dracula the night it opened in the theatres, so there's that too. I remember being at a goth party where this guy was passing around a flask. I think it was actually chartreuse, but I remembered liking it and at some point connected it to absinthe. Years later I went to another party and took a bottle of Hill's crapsinthe. At this point I either knew nothing or had forgetting anything I had learned about the absinthe ritual and simply went around that party taking sips from the bottle and coaxing others to try. As you can imagine, it was not the most pleasant drink, but the experience matched the mood I was in that night. Later I looked into it further because I'd gotten curious and many people had asked me about the drink. Then I started to learn. Finally I eventually found something to use as a spoon, then managed to get a bottle of Taboo. That's when I realized it was actually a very pleasant drink that you could sip easily!
  4. I have to admit some of them have nice aesthetics but I can't imagine ever using one.
  5. Nice to see a fellow Canadian around! Taboo is pretty nice. As one of the easily available locally absinthes I've been able to enjoy it on a few occasions. Definitely do try some other brands. Lucid seems to be all over Canada--I found it to be about the same level of Taboo although it's a pretty different taste--and some places have Clandestine. There's a few other places getting into producing absinthe in Canada so our options should continue to open up. I've also been able to mail order bottles.
  6. I'm sipping some scotch tonight so I thought I'd revisit this thread. One thing I noticed was the misconception early on that blends are somehow inferior to single malts. I used to think this as well, but it's really not true. It's a different way of making scotch, true, but it's not nescessarily inferior. Or cheaper! Also, keep in mind a more expensive scotch isn't nescessarily better, neither is an older one. Many factors go into the price including simply the cost of storing the scotch for a longer period. That said, I do tend towards single malts instead of blends. On a recent trip I picked up a couple I hadn't tried before. One is the Glenmorangie Lasanta and the other is the Macallan 1824 Select Oak. (Not actually from 1824 :P) I'm not too convinced by the Macallan. I'm actually revisiting it tonight to see if my opinion differs from the first time I drank it. I will say I took much more notice of the nose--it has quite an aroma that's rather pleasant and not to alcoholy. But I find the flavour falls down a bit. I'm not sure if this review coloured my thoughs a bit, but I do feel I taste some vanilla. After there's a bit of spice and it goes down warm. Definitely some tingle on the tongue, but not numbing and not unpleasant. I just find it rather uncomplicated. The Glenmorangie I found delicious. I'll maybe come back with more about it later as it's not fresh enough in my mind to really make a statement on, just that it was very full flavoured. My main has always been the Glenmorangie 10 yr and I'd expected something similar to that. The Lasanta spends two more years in sherry casks and it makes a huge difference. I drink mine neat, generally just in a tumbler, but I'm planning to pick up some Glencairn glasses this weekend.
  7. I've tried a lot less than many of you, but from what I've tried Authentique is easily a favourite. Going from Taboo & Lucid to Authentique was an eye opening moment.
  8. Well it took a long time to get everything together, and life kept getting in the way, but we finally had our absinthe party! Thank you everyone for the help and suggestions, it ended up being a very fun night. I thought some of you might be interested in the results. The final selection as shown in the picture consisted of Taboo, Lucid, Authentique, Duplais Blanche, and Roquette 1797. We actually skipped over the Taboo as most of us had tried it previously and it seemed to me that Lucid would do just as well for the intro drink. The time between coming up with this idea and actually hosting it allowed me to amass a small collection of items vintage and modern, including some spoons that fit both ends of the spectrum, a couple fountains, the cafe plate, a Pernod picture -- which I understand is probably from around the 1950/60s but works great for as a spoon holder, and a great glass bowl that I used to store the sugar. ( I know the wrapped "absinthe" sugar cubes are a bit silly, but when I ordered some of my glasses they were thrown in and I've found their dosage to actually be pretty great. ) The book is Absinthe, Sip of Seduction: A Contemporary Guide, which the guests enjoyed flipping through. In front of each bottle I had printed off reviews from this site. In this case I found Brian Robinson had reviewed all of these bottles and I felt his words did a great job of setting expectations, so thank you very much there! All told there were myself, my wonderful girlfriend, and 5 guests. Of the 7, one was pregnant and not drinking and the other unfortunately had been improperly introduced to absinthe some time earlier and would not be convinced into trying it again. I think he mentioned "shots". Oh well. What the picture doesn't show is the kitchen full of cheeses, chocolates, and other snacks, plus various other refreshments. Everyone had a great time and a very natural pace of trying a bottle and moving onto the next one developed under the flow of laughter and conversation which filled the evening. What did everyone think? Most people preferred the Authentique, which is what I expected. I believe one person said they liked the Duplais Blanche best. Only my girlfriend disliked the Roquette. I enjoyed it but I also understand now why I've seen people refer to it as one for the more experienced palates. I could definitely see myself acquiring more of a taste for it. Thanks again everyone who provided input and helped me out!
  9. I believe this is what you're looking for: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151714541016196&set=a.159081486195.130633.135794126195&type=1&theater
  10. Hello Max! I'm on the other side of Canada in BC, home of Taboo. Pemberton distillery in BC also puts out an absinthe but I haven't had a chance to try theirs. And some of the notes they had about it made it seem questionable.
  11. Some old William Hartnell Dr. Who serials and a glass of Canadian Taboo.
  12. That's exactly what I've been using when I don't want to pull the fountain out!
  13. Thanks for your response in this and the other thread! I really appreciate the education.
  14. I was browsing eBay looking at various majolica pitchers last night and came across these two specimens: 1) http://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-St-Clement-Parrot-Decanter-/271278410693?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f29740bc5 2) http://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-French-St-Clements-Faience-Majolica-Parrot-Bird-Pottery-Jug-Pitcher-/190892572123?pt=UK_PotteryPorcelain_Glass_PotteryPorcelain_China_SM&hash=item2c72157ddb To me they appear to be the same model, although the second one is perhaps more faded in color than the first. However one is dated as aroudn 1890s and the other 1920. It got me very curious, is there anyway to verify either of these? Is it likely that this same model could have such divergent production dates (maybe the faded one is older?) or is it more likely one of the sellers is misinformed? Finally, in general how can you be sure these majolica decanters are for absinth? by a small opening? Thanks!
  15. Ah never mind. Found the right section to translate which states it's a "copy".
  16. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Superbe-cendrier-absinthe-Ste-Anne-porte-allumettes-Copie-collection-pyrogene-/261285260453?ssPageName=ADME:B:WNA:CA:3160 I understand there's a lot of replica pyrogenes so I'm wondering if this is also likely to be a replica. The price makes me suspect it's not an antique.
  17. The IGP continues to confuse me a bit. Why is it Duplais can label their product as absinthe but not la bleue based on the IGP? Or is the IGP more specific to La Bleue than the overal absinthe term?
  18. Thanks Evan! Very informative!
  19. Wanted to follow up that I did finally place my order to Absinthes.com and it got to me in under 2 weeks. The postal services did an awesome job of letting me track it as well. I ordered two bottles - Duplai Blanche and Absinthe Authentique. With only two bottles I didn't qualify for free shipping so I paid quite a bit there.
  20. As someone still relatively new to absinthe one of the things I've had trouble with is understanding the exact distinction between a blanche and bleue. I had thought that a bleue was simply a Swiss blanche but then relized that Duplais is labled as a blanche and not a bleue. Is this due to the Duplais history? Something with the VdT? Or simply a choice?
  21. In western Canada I've also been able to find bottles of Lucid. Absinthes.com says they can ship to BC and I'll be trying this out shortly. Once Pemberton distilleries have their second batch out I may give that a go.
  22. Thank you Stefano for that excellent explanation! I have no knowledge or experience concerning distillation and that really helped. Thank you everyone else as well. And thanks Tyler for diving in and responding to some of our questions. I would love to see a second quality absinthe from the local area.
  23. Thanks for the Duplai Blanche recommendation, Evan. I had missed the situation around VdT until posting this, but I was wanting to have something besides a verte in the mix.
  24. Thanks all, this is great info! I've had the pleasure of trying Taboo's regular offering and their Gold from 2012. I really enjoyed the regular one. The gold was good too, but somewhat different than I expected. It was a few months ago and I'm afraid I can't provide a better review, plus I'm still really developing my absinthe palate so take that with a grain of salt. I remember the regular as having quite a nice louche to it. As I recall it didn't require much sugar if any. The gold was served to me at one of the best local lounges. Unfortunately because of how it was served I didn't get to witness the louche. I found both enjoyable, although I think I preferred the standard. I've been thinking of getting a gold and aging it a bit. It's a limited batch they do each year so I think that might be interesting. I need to taste more brands before I can really say how either rate.