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  1. Hi Emerald, I'm from Sydney. Ill echo Joe's sentiments about the Reverie, its up there with the best absinthes around in my opinion. Joe may be slightly biased when it comes to the wormwood (since he, very generously, sent it to the maker all the way from Montana), but he also happens to be right
  2. Just tried this at the salon the other night. It's a step up from the original batch (which I loved) and the Montana wormwood comes out very clearly - or at least I can notice some obvious similarities, especially in the smell, to the Ridge Verte. It's smoother and possibly better balanced than the original batch. I'd rate it up there with the very best absinthes on the market.
  3. I don't think its just an oxidsation thing though, the last glass I had was from a freshly opened bottle and the previous glass was from a half empty bottle and both were similar to each other and very different from the previosu three glasses I'd tried. The difference seems to be purely a matter of time. I'd by far the most profound change I've seen since I got into absinthe early this year. Many of the things i wrote in the in the intial review above are no longer applicable but its still a very good, well made, drink. And Joe, hopefulyl you'll be able to try some of the new batch. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it if and when you do
  4. Just wanted to revive this thread to see if I can get some insight from the wiser heads on here. I've been having a glass of this every two to three weeks on average over the past few months (whenever I can make it into the salon basically) and I've noticed a pronounced change in the way it tastes. Wheras previously it was a very subtle herbal-dominant, almost elegegant drink it now seems to have taken on a more overt, masculine profile. I've had it enough times to more or less rule out possible contributing factors like having eaten a particular type of food etc before hand. So I'm curious to know if such major changes have been known to occur in the space of a few months. Also note this can't be a simple result of oxidisation and the glasses I've had have come from different bottles, some half full, some just opened and some almost empty and the trend has been clear in spite of that. So I'd be curious to hear if anyone has any insight into what may be going on? PS I should say that the change in the drink hasn't by any stretch made it bad, just different. If anything its more appealing now
  5. Welcome Jerry, you won't be disappointed with the master's reserve. My bottle arrived a couple of weeks ago and it's a definite contender for the best modern absinthe (at least among the 30 or so I've tried
  6. Damn Joe! I wish I could just stop by your place and try that!
  7. Fantastic Louchey! I thnk the whole Austria/Austrian thing is more annoying to Austrians than to us, at least Australis is easy for peope to locate on the map.[ quote name=gee13" post="299022" timestamp="1383888826]Perhaps Bar Ampere should update their spelling of Upsynth and that its from W. Austria instead of Australia ... just not to confuse us So we have the Great Southern Bitters yet to have been tasted?. I might contact them to see if they have a sample for review. Im more than happy to let you o e for the team on the bitters mate!
  8. Cheers mate. The Pf1913 was incredible. The perfect birthday treat! Thanks for your friendship and insight over the past few months!
  9. Thanks for the info on upsynth Louchey, no wonder we couldn't find anything. Looks awful! I might go ahead and start a thread on the "Great Southern Absinthe Bitters" just as an informative thing, I wont be buying a bottle any time soon, that's for sure. The Grove sent a bottle to Gaye and Joop, that's where I smelt it - I didn't want to taste it. Oh and sadly I drank a lot of that green fairy shit back when I was an idiot 18 year old. I almost want to throw up just thinking about it
  10. I had a look online and couldn't find anything. Gaye and Joop at the salon say they have been sent some pretty awful sample bottles from distillers around the country so the fact they don't stock it probably says something about its quality. I could be wrong though. I did find these two WA absinthes though: http://www.distillery.com.au/absinthe.html The emphasis on "maximum thujone content" doesn't bode well with that one, not does the colour. https://secure.thegrovevineyard.com.au/distillery/spirits.php#p_116 I've actually smelt this one, it's awful - "Green Fairy" brand Czechsinthe awful.
  11. I don't know how similar that is to anywhere on the east coast of NSW, Summers are hot but not necessarily dry, and while the winter feels cold to me I think most Europeans, Canadians and those from the northern half of the US would find it pretty mild, certainly no snow. No way to know, but we can certainly claim the title in the absence of any evidence to contradict the claim
  12. So long as you don't lose your crop to bushfires! Joe, just out of curiosity, what sort of conditions are necessary or ideal for wormwood cultivation?
  13. Yes this is great news. I'd say the New South Wales central coast is probably quite a bit warmer than Montana or Pontarlier or any of the other great wormwood growing areas so that might pose a problem but these guys apparently know their herbs (hence the name Distillery Botanica) so hopefully they will be able to compensate for that somehow. Their first commercial batch of Reverie, which used wormwood from a small scale producer in Tasmania (big island to the south of the Australian continent for those unfamiliar with Australian geography), was great and won a silver medal at the International Wine and Spirits Competition in London. So with Joe's wormwood it will be hopefully even better. Hopefully some of you will get to try it at some point