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  1. At one point earlier this summer I tried to find caselli, going through every possible online store. So I asked themselves. I suppose it can be removed safely. -----------quote---------- thanks a lot for your email. I'm sorry but it's one year that we stop the production of Absinthe. So it's not possile to find it. Best regards Francesco www.caselli1860.it -----------quote----------
  2. Okay. So, the glass here is probably not a special absinthe only glass either? http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_b9N-E81zXwg/S5EvTXsJKeI/AAAAAAAAK5k/Ys3I9EihNGI/s1600-h/mourgue-brothers-absinthe-bourgeois.jpg I know it's a little different, but immediately when i saw that glas, the poster came into mind. But yeah... it seems that In many old absinthe photos and art the glass is often just an ordinary wine or some other glass. And yeah. The glass was very small for my absinthe doses. having that reservoir in it's place, would've made it better (and more unbelievable and me so much more excited too). Thanks for the thoughts. I just wanted to make sure that my firend didn't have a treasure sitting there, even though it wouldn't have been very likely. Not absinthe releated perhaps, but who's to know... might not be your ordinary cheap glass anyway.
  3. I noticed an interesting glass in my friend's cupboard. I asked where he got it and the answer was "I don't know". In my noob eyes it's surprisingly similiar to one in absinthe bourgeois poster, but yes, i can see the very differences too. patterning lines go way too high and probably smaller etc... I'm not expecting it has anything to do with absinthe or worth much, but if anyone has any idea what it exactly is, or if there is a connection to anything interesting in it's shape, I'm quite interested 'cause it left me puzzled. I suppose it would be just too weird to see a totally random absinthe glass in finland in possession of an owner who has no idea... So maybe it's just an old glass from grandma or something. Maybe not made in finland though? I didn't check if there's a signature anywhere... It's a heavy old glass. That's for sure. http://koti.welho.com/mukor/20130817_215838.jpg And no. I'm not sure if posting stuff like this here is dumb or not. My experience in absinthe antiques is level 0 I suppose. I won't be posting stuff like this every day
  4. Well. authentic vintage scene is a good new start, after being clueless for years. Now that I have the coerrect information, I can experiment and break the rules all I wish best. But I don't want to do so unentionally or spread false historical information Now I suppose I know what I'm doing. This is even more fun than starting with whiskys. And no, i would not set the cube on fire. I find it rather disturbing that everyone seems to expect that to happen when I offer to show them how absinthe is supposed to be served and the way it doesn't taste like horror and hurt them. but no, after all I've been through myself, I'm not surprised. But once It's done, many seem to think that it's dangerously easy to drink and aside from the usual alcohol effect, the taste also makes one want another glass of it I'm not surprised about this happening either.
  5. Alright! I just wanted to make my experience authentic and not something that would've been laughed at (or even just considered my own very special thing) back then This made it much clearer. Cool and Interesting, yes. Thanks! I also find it good to know that this for example: is not the right way. Not that putting a dirty spoon on the tablecloth would've implied anything else.
  6. Hello. My first non-introduction post. A newbie question, and yes, i already feel a little ashamed. Sorry if this is some very easy to find information but i did indeed spend some annoying amount of time searching. I have noticed that every absinthe i have tasted so far, was better with no sugar at all (except lucid, which needs one or half a cube, maybe). Should i use the spoon at all if there is no sugar to put on it? or do i drip the water directly in the glass, from a fountain or a carafe, not through an empty absinthe spoon? Is using the spoon considered allowed/recommended/right or terribly wrong in this case? An another question. I have seen videos where one puts the spoon and sugar cube on the spoon before absinthe, and then pours the absinthe thorugh the sugar and spoon and only after that adds the water through sugar and spoon. I do it in following order myself: Absinthe (not touching anything but the glass) first. After that spoon and sugar and finally the water thorugh them into the glass. I'm not sure 'cause I have seen teaching videos of both methods. (And never a teaching video with no sugar at all!) And a final small one: How necessary are the saucers under the absinthe glasses? Thanks in advance. I really find it important to get these right, before I buy and lay shame on antiques.
  7. I know a Finn or three who are well up to speed. https://www.facebook.com/Absinttikirja yeah, all i know of them is that fb page. i missed the opportunity to go to their event at museum but maybe there will be more. to consider what equipement they have in those photos, they seem to be on a way higher level than i, heh. they suggested bar haven in helsinki, as a place to find some ok quality absinthe. i suppose that place could be one to find absintheurs, or at least worth a try...
  8. I hear ya! Good luck finding a tastier spirit. I have a love of sundry spirits but can't find an equal to absinthe! Well... Maybe an equal to this jade. But even that, i suppose, is a maybe :P Going to try this La Ptite in a minute or two. Going to be my first blanche and first swiss also wow.. i wonder if anything is this easy to drink. rather scary how easy a 56% alcohol can be with water. not strong in taste but i could compare this to a mix of milk and water. i need to be careful. maybe actually stop for today
  9. I hear ya! Good luck finding a tastier spirit. I have a love of sundry spirits but can't find an equal to absinthe! Well... Maybe an equal to this jade. But even that, i suppose, is a maybe :P Going to try this La Ptite in a minute or two. Going to be my first blanche and first swiss also
  10. Thank you. An order of more just came in this morning Edouard, Berthe de Joux, Roquette and La Ptite (blanche), Also a not so highend fountain. I will share my experiences and photos once i have more to say or show or worth it anyways. I suppose I have the right direction.
  11. More than 10 years ago I had heard stories of this "magical" alcohol beverage called absinthe. By reading more I unfortunately ran into the typcal internet trap of fauxinthes. I was surprised to find "absinthe" in Finland. Pere Kermann's, but of course i wasn't aware that something with a name "absinthe", actually had little to do with the actual stuff. not to mention that I didn't know anything about rituals or history of absinthe. Yes, my interest was short lived. But later on i read and discussed more about absinthes, only to learn even more false truths! But it made me want to try other brands that i was able to get my hads on from what friends brought from Rhodos, some local bars in Helsinki and neighbour country Estonia; such as Schultz, Teichenne, Sebor etc. not really going that far from where I started after all. After one trip to Estonia I found an absinthe that i thought, must be the real stuff, having an actual wormwood twig in the bottle and a name like Vincent van Gogh Premium. I don't know what it was but probably nothing like a real thing. I still didn't apply any rituals drinking it and after trying it I had the worst hangover of my entire life. So, once again, I gave up on this absinthe thing. Until this spring. I visited Absinth Bar in Hamburg and probably compeletly made a fool of myself. I ordered King of Spirits and asked them to set the sugar on fire, and i didn't even understand why they gave me a carafe of water with it. I drank the water straight off the carafe and then the fauxinthe with sugar burned in... after that i asked what they would recommend me, so they gave me Roquette, which i wasted by drinking it without water. None of this is Absinth Bar's fault though, it actually seemed like a great place. Well, this was my best experience so far, even if an epic fail. My interest didn't die this time. Better luck next time there too. Once i got back home I did a search on if this Roquette finally was at least an actual absinthe. I ended up browsing WWS reviews and forums. Differences of fauxinthe and the actual stuff and the necessity of the water ritual. Yes, all this time i had _known_ of the ritual, but only now i realized the importance of it all, and that it's so much more than a way to make strong alcohol milder. Also learned that there are many and many more brands available these days only an order away off the internet. I decided to get myself a reservoir glass, a spoon, a pack of sugar and a bottle of Jade PF 1901. I absolutely fell in love, not exaggerating, could be the best alochol beverage that I have ever tasted!. I also found out that I couldn't see Pere Kermann's in the local booze store, last time I visited (man, i wish it's gone for good too) but instead a bottle of Lucid. Lucid is drinkable but didn't really impress either. I can't say that i find 39 euros a 0,5l bottle justified. So, now there's more interesting brands on their way from the internet. Now things really are different. I'm extremely excited (over any of my earlier interests in whisky, cognac, wine etc) in anything absinthe, absinthiana, history of absinthe, antiques, vintage, everything. I was not wrong even in the beginning, there absolutely is a lot of "magic" if not a whole lot more than I ever imagined, and I feel that finally my long and on too many times misguided journey has paid off. I suppose this shall be _enough_ for confessions for now! But yes, i know I'm not the only one who has been stumbling through not always so glorious moments, as the amount of misinformation on the net is incredible. Many thanks to this site. I'm going to be a more or less active forum member from now on, with all you people who share this great hobby/habit/way of life Now, if only i could find fellow finnish absintheurs or be a some kind of community starter in Finland myself. I'm having hard time finding friends who are interested for the least bit and even harder time educating them even to s level above what i used to be years ago... Santé!