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  1. as of last night, my bottle is empty. the Lucid is gone. :-( in attempting to decide what to try next, I've narrowed it down to two: Vilya (Verte) and Vieux Carre. I've heard great things about both, especially Vilya, and I'm leaning towards this as the next step. any pros or cons in going this way? also, neither are (to my knowledge) available locally for purchase, so I will be venturing into online storefronts.. any suggestions as to the best / most trusted online absinthe retailers? thanks, and cheers!
  2. thanks! I was bored and decided to record glass #2 the other night. no idea why; guess I just enjoy watching it take shape. :-)
  3. had some fun making a silly little video.. don't hate!
  4. and here I was thinking I was clever and invented the 'hole in the cap' method. :-)
  5. wait, I can make absinthe in my kitchen? I'll be right back.. :-)