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  1. Interesting you mention Vieux Carre, because that's one that actually seems almost TOO sweet to my taste! I like it well enough but I haven't gotten into it as much as I did the Pacifique or Leopold Bros. (that's the one I couldn't recall the name of).
  2. That's interesting! I'd be curious to know about the drinking habits of those groups; IE, who only drinks absinthe, who drinks wine, or various sorts of liquors. This may again be just my own perception of the sweetness of the anethole, but absinthe seems significantly sweeter than other alcoholic drinks (barring sweet ciders or meads and that sort of thing). So I'd be curious to know if their taste in absinthe relates at all to consumption of other somewhat bitter drinks?
  3. Does anyone here actually like absinthe with sugar? I'm no expert with absinthe, but I've had a few brands (Pacifique, Vieux Carre, Pernod, and one other whose name I can't recall although it's quite good), but all the brands I've tried seem too sweet to benefit from sugar at all, and so I haven't tried it. Don't even own an absinthe spoon, actually. Do you find this is the case? Are modern absinthes perhaps sweeter than older recipes, and so that tradition isn't really necessary today?
  4. The bigger the store, the better chance, generally. There's a Total Wine and More near my school which has a reasonable little selection. Vieux Carre, St. George, Pernod, one or two others. Just check the Wormwood Society review page before buying, cause they mix in all the high quality absinthe with cheap stuff like Absente etc. For what it's worth, I actually quite like the new Pernod. I would second the recommendation of Pacifique though; that was my first absinthe and it's lovely. Haven't been able to find another bottle though, and I live in Texas so I can't mailorder liquor. On that note though, if you live in a state where you CAN mailorder alcohol, that'd be a great option.
  5. No, I don't mean hallucinogenic; just different. I've tried a few different brands, and I could swear that the effects of absinthe are a bit different than other types of alcohol. More of a pleasant feeling than other alcohols. Is this actually the case, or is it just a placebo effect, me unconsciously buying into the whole absinthe mystique? Any science behind this (maybe the herbals involved in absinthe rather than just alcohol)?
  6. The "new" Pernod is pretty good then? I just recently heard they changed the recipe. I may have seen Pernod at some of the stores around.
  7. Is there anyone on here in the D/FW area of Texas that knows any liquor stores with a decent selection of absinthe? Unfortunately, it's impossible to order alcohol by mail here, so buying from websites isn't an option. Most stores only have Lucid, as well as some crappy stuff like Absente. A few have Vieux Carre. But it's pretty difficult to find much else. Anyone who lives here have a good lead on better selections? On a related note, there's a place called The Absinthe Lounge in downtown Dallas that I wonder if anyone's tried. It's a pretty far drive from my place, and I detest that part of town, so I'd be curious about any thoughts on it before driving down there to try it.
  8. I've had my heart set on a balancier for a long time. I generally only ever drink absinthe alone, so a fountain is far too large and expensive, and I believe I've read on here that balanciers drip more slowly and get better flavors out of many absinthes, even Lucid. So it seems like the perfect way to go, rather than, say, a fountain or a brouilleur. So I figured I'd get the Lucid balancier gift set, as that would basically equate to a thirty dollar balancier and a thirty dollar bottle of decent absinthe. But I cannot, for the life of me, find a store selling them. I thought one would turn up in stores over the holidays, but I never found one. I've looked online, but it looks like most sites that can actually ship alcohol don't carry the gift set. Any suggestions? Are there different brands of balanciers that work as well as the Lucid, that I could order without ordering any absinthe? I saw an Lucid balancier on Ebay over the summer, but I was short on cash, and din't buy it; I've regretted it ever since. Ideas?
  9. This is one of the brands that I consistently see at pretty much every liquor store I've been to; it's the Absente brand, but claims to contain "the full measure of wormwood (artemesia absinthium)," with a picture of Van Gogh on the front. I presume that since I've only ever heard bad things about Absente, it's no good; but what's the deal with the wormwood? Is it false advertising? I only wonder because, as you may know, I live in Batesville, Arkansas, and the nearest liquor store is 45 minutes away, and this is one of the two brands they carry there (along with Lucid).
  10. I would love to get it out of the "cult" status it's in right now. There are some brands out there that I would love to try, but unfortunately, it's not as simple as it is to say "I'd like to try this particular kind of whisky, let me run to the liquor store and grab a bottle," at least where I live (back and forth between Arkansas and Texas). All the liquor stores ever carry is Lucid, Absente, etc. If I want a bottle of Pacifique (or Vieux Carre, which I really want to give a try), I'm going to have to order online, which involves adding another fifteen dollars or so of shipping.
  11. Gonna give this a try, as soon as I can find some Peychaud's. I have no rye whiskey at the moment, so I'll probably try a brandy Sazerac first. Any objections to using Pacifique for this? Also wondered (and don't shoot me for this): what would it be like to use Grande Absente? I'm not exactly rolling in cash, so it'd be kind of nice to be able to just get one of those little ten dollar bottles of Grande Absente that the liquor stores around here carry to keep around for this sort of thing, instead of using my good Pacifique. Would that just be blasphemous?
  12. Tried out the mostly frozen water bottle idea last night; worked wonderfully. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm thinking I will get the balancier when I get some extra cash; seems like it'd make it really easy to just measure out exactly the amount of water desired, and just dumping it into the device's resevoir.
  13. Here's where I found it: http://www.brandpointmarketing.com/lucid/product.asp?cat=Promotional+Items&pid=26 I haven't ordered it yet, but I assume there won't be any trouble.
  14. I've read some good things about the Lucid brand balancier, so I think I'll go with that when I get my next paycheck. People say it works really well, and it's also one of the cheapest I've seen (only 29 bucks), so I don't really see a downside to it. Until then, though, I'll give the frozen water bottle method a shot. Do you just use a sports cap and sort of squirt it, or do you use a plain cap you have to take off the bottle to drink, and put a little hole through it? For balanciers, do you put the ice and water into the device? Or do you chill your water, measure it out, and then pour it into the balancier's top?
  15. I've only recently gotten into absinthe; my first bottle, a bottle of Pacifique, arrived yesterday. It's delicious, but I fear I'm in need of something better with which to drip the water. I prepared my glass last night with a plain old 2 cup glass measuring cup, with a small spout. Unfortunately, I ended up dribbling water all over the place; it's pretty tough to pour slowly but without making a mess. So what is my best option? I just graduated college this past May, and am going to be renting a room from one of my professors for the next four or eight months, so I don't have the space (or money) for a big, expensive absinthe fountain. I know some people use caraffes; are these easy to pour slowly without the mess? Again though, I would prefer something a little more effecient as far as space is concerned, and it seems a bit silly to fill up a large caraffe with water and ice just to prepare one glass. I've looked around on Amazon, and I've found a few gadgets, such as absinthe brouilleurs (just little bowls that you place on top of a glass and fill with water and ice), and this "balancier" device, which apparently uses a see-saw action to drip slowly. The problem I see with the brouilleurs is that there is no room under them to place a spoon, so sweetening would be difficult. This is not a problem with the balancier, but it is a bit more expensive, which is a concern in my case. So, in short, brouilleur, balancier, or a plain old caraffe?