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  1. Welp, I was thinking of ordering a bottle at some point in July, but I just panicked and ordered 3 so I'll have enough for a long time. Thanks for the great drink Stefano, good luck in all your future endeavors.
  2. No idea on what Sake was used, we've had good results using $10-$15 Sake so it's a really cheap drink to make. In regards to a normal Grasshopper, I can't stand the flavor of mint so there's really no hope for me.
  3. So after wandering around the Seattle Art museum forever my family and I decided go to a Sushi restaurant across the street because we were beat and just wanted food. Lo and Behold the food was actually pretty good and cheap but the real memorable thing was their signature cocktail. We had to know how to make it and asked the bartender for the recipe. The “Golden Grasshopper” has no resemblance to the Crème de menthe nightmare that most people are familiar with, the recipe is as follows: 1.5oz Sake 0.5oz Lillet blanc 0.5oz Lemon Juice 0.5oz Mango Pure (this was sort of hard to find but the internet makes all things available.) Shake on Ice and then strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Top with a splash of Saint Germain liqueur. One could just sit and sip these all day if they had the inclination to be honest.
  4. Should I be worried about the bottle of Absinthe La Maison Fontaine Blanche that I had ordered before seeing this topic? it's made by Emile Pernot but not sold under their brand.
  5. Here's what I have at the moment. I feel I've got my go to brands pretty much settled at this point, but there's always a good reason to try a new bottle if the opportunity is available.
  6. I found it had an odd almost rubbery smell while un-louched but the flavor was very nice.
  7. Well I'm glad to say they didn't look through his bags and I'm now sipping on a glass of Berthe De Joux. Thanks for the moral support everyone.
  8. Thanks Alan and Georges, just have to wait it out I guess.
  9. Is the risk significantly lower when mailing to the US?
  10. These are not the answers I was hoping for......
  11. Greetings, my brother just purchased a bottle of Berthe De Joux for me in Berlin and I was wondering if there is anything he needs to do to ensure that it does not get stolen from him by customs when he gets back. I've pointed out to him that customs says absinthe that follows all the ttb regulations are fine but I'm not sure if the customs officials will know that. So any further advice to make sure the bottle makes it home?
  12. My brother stopped by the "Absinth Depot" this week and had a very pleasant experience. the employee who was there was very helpful and his girlfriend ended up with a bottle of La Grenouillarde by La Valote Martin. I had by brother pick up a bottle of Berthe de Joux for me while he was still in Berlin so I'm looking forward to getting a good French Absinthe without paying a billion dollars in shipping. They have all the Jades and other good European brands to go along with their selection of faux thujone brands. Though my brother said the employee described the majority of Czech absinthe as "Potent, but with crap taste." and when asked about the "Cannabis Absinthe" the guy said not to get it it's just a tourist trap. I'm not sure if the guy buys the Thujone hype but at the very least if you're in Berlin and want some Absinthe you can buy a bottle there or have a glass at their bar.
  13. One of the last glasses left in an ancient bottle of Ridge Verte.
  14. Thanks for the Info guys, and Joe don't ever retire.