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  1. Hi Brad Welcome! Im in Perth, WA There are a few Aussies on here, though Im not sure who's still on. Haven't posted in a while as been busy but Im poking my head in once in a while to check in. I have had a little exposure to some of the finer absinthes around recently. very fineI have also been lucky to be able to source, albeit very difficultly, American absinthes that have amazed me. Some of the producers are on here as well. PM me if you wish to know of our other Aussie Absinthe chapters in the different cities. Cheers
  2. They do to eventually... but have an uncanny habit of taking longer!
  3. Lets remember the good things. Thanks Stefano for creating L'Ancienne. The finest.. All good things must come to and end..
  4. So has Brian or anyone else officially reviewed the new Sauvage?
  5. Understood Fpb but I refer to the batch reviews of Belle Amie and quite a few of the Parisienne series (La Coquette, L'Enjôleuse and few others) which have been identified with year of release. Just curious why this was so for those in particular.
  6. Never met an Irish hippy from Galway! anyway Welcome .. I would add François Guy 1L Its 45% but very good value price and quality.
  7. LG and LA a huge thumbs up from me. And also backed by a honest, transparent forum member in Stefano.
  8. Interesting ressurected topic! It seems drinking absinthe affects different people differently... or should it be different lines of absinthes affecting...? I tend to end up having a very deep sleep and wanting to go to bed early after a session. This generally happens after 3-5 glasses before dinner. Recently I was holidaying in Ubud, Bali and had an ultra vivid dream based on having watched the Star Wars movie... maybe it was the combination of Butterfly amidst the heady scents of the deep tropics... This is what I wrote about it the morning after... "I just had a weird vivid dream about Star Wars Episode 8 ... apparently to keep the secret Jedi force alive Luke, after being disheartened by the jedi training disaster .. scatters his most trusted remaining jedi reserve to all corners of the known galaxy. I was some alien character trusted to ensure that they all had secret 'bug type' homing devices which were clipped on every jedi master only to be activated and united should there be a new threat from Snoke's new dark force army. One of the jedi masters was located in a secret planetary outpost led by a 'wholly' gay army mean and fierce militants dressed as Freddy Mercury and Village People wannabees. Apparently the jedi leader there is Luke's secret lover (played by Woody Harrelson)and they are Rae's real parents. Rae was left on Jakku as anonymous to protect her ... She is reunited with her gay fathers in Episode 8.. but there is another dark secret .. Rae had a step brother who was raised secretly by Luke's gay lover and this was the person (unbeknownst to Luke) that actually turned against Luke and massacred the other jedi students he was training... before he went into exile. Hell intense..."
  9. Hi Amy nice video! Just needs a nice saucer under the glass and to finish off with a good stir... and sante!
  10. I thought it was a case of quality control, from the producers standpoint. And this is an experiened producer who has released many top quality absinthes. Why release anything that would damage your hard earned reputation. Note Im going by the feedback I have heard so far. I have not tried the new Sauvage. In the topic of reviews it has not been uncommon to review different batch releases according to year.?
  11. Goodness! I go away for a bit.. blink an eye and its all 'sauvage' around here Luscious Oily Lesbians!. Anyway... has Brian done a review of the new Sauvage yet?
  12. I dont think its reasonable to boycott EP because of just one line they didnt get right. Some of My favourite absinthes are from EP they include Berthe de Joux and Authentique. The barrel aged Roquette has been very interesting as well. Because of where I am and the import taxes I have had to pay its unlikely that I will have a chance to sample Sauvage MK 11 but Im blessed to have access to a lot of excellent lines in circulation. Im lucky to be able to enjoy LA '14 for years to come as I got 4 bottles on release.
  13. On the one hand I like most was super excited when I saw that Pernot was going to re release Sauvage. The same feeling when L'Ancienne 14 was released. Like LA I was going to bite the bullet on this just like I did with LA. Unlike LA its dissapointing to hear the less than favourable reviews on the 'new' Sauvage
  14. So if theres no 'added' sugar in absinthe.. does that also mean theres no other compound ending in 'ose' present correct?