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  1. Wow! So cool to see that new stuff is still discovered.
  2. Hi, didn't see your reply until now. Thank you! So these were produced by Georges Long? I can find no signature anywhere. I have since found and bought a complete fountain of the same type, but without the Junod markings. It's clearly the fountain that the early Frenchman repros were based on. It is not pictured in neither "Absinthe Antiques" or "The Absinthe Encyclopedia" but I have seen it around a few times on the net. (its listed at "http://www.antiqueabsintheware.com/product-p/43302.htm", but it seems a bit overpriced:)
  3. I enjoy both of them very much. You will definitely recognize the quarter cask as a Laphroaig, they're not that different. I've never landed on which one I like the most, but I can guarantee you will like it if you like the 10 year old! Personally my favourite distiller is Lagavulin though:)
  4. Songcatcher: I think you are right, I just checked one now and the cork does seem sturdier. The opener looks great. I just switched from a new modern Ah-So to a vintage one, and the vintage one is very much better. (Thinner metal, easier on old corks.) I think I picked up the tip in here somewhere. Georges: Not bad! For the NO, why not mix things up even more, and slap on a original of the one Jade's inspired by: http://www.todocoleccion.net/etiqueta-absenta-suisse-p-c-neufchatel-absinthe~x15278224 I have one. Though I have to say the new "copy" by Jade is much nicer, with its embossed embroidery:)
  5. I use a butler's friend now so I have no problem with this, but I do notice that the Jade-corks have been prone to fall apart a little. Seems to be better lately, but it might just be me being more careful.. Georges: The perfect kind of silly:) Before I got other gadgets I used to use a old PF bottle as a water carafe. Works great actually!
  6. Might be a case of severely bad translating:)
  7. Yeah, they recently re-engineered the real wormwood by extracting DNA from old wormwood trapped in ancient, solidified absinthe.
  8. Very nice article by the way, it has already made me check flights and travel tips for the absinthe-trail areas:) Hopefully I'll make it sometime.
  9. "I felt a strange sense of disappointment when Mr. MacDonald told me what I had just tried" My exact reaction when I first tried my first preban PF, dissapointment. It went a bit like this: (I was, as always when opening a vintage bottle, worried it just might be ruined by cork or other age related ailments) "Yess! There's nothing wrong with it!" "Wow!, this is amazing!" "F***... I can't have this everyday.. Still, in all a wonderful experience, even if a little painful. And of course to be positive, there is so much wonderful new stuff being made, and in time I believe either by new tricks or just by good old aging we will have plentiful preban'ish stuff even after it's all gone.
  10. Mork


    Here's another bargain:) http://www.ebay.fr/itm/Mignonnette-minibottle-absinthe-lemercier-/191209881103 That's less than 600 euro/liter of this ancient absinthe!
  11. Wow! We're actually rewriting absinthe-history! Scott needs to update his book quickly.
  12. Welcome! Funny way to discover absinthe(vaping )