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  1. Hello everyone! Just thought that I'd introduce myself even though I'll probably be mostly reading old threads at the moment. I'm very new to drinking absinthe but I've already fallen in love with it. I've only had two kinds, one is Lucid (which is what I'm currently drinking) and another, even with the bottle in front of me I'm not really sure what the brand is. I'll see about getting a picture and posting it and perhaps someone here will know what it is. I have two glasses and a spoon which came with the Lucid and I actually have another spoon on order because it's just beautiful. I've always been curious about absinthe but never really looked in to it because of the ban and being active duty military. The ban was lifted and I finally retired so have started looking in to it. Needless to say my knowledge is still in its fledgling stage but I'm excited to learn as much as I can and I look forward to interacting with those here that can, and will help me on my journey.