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  1. Thanks for that... Great info. Well it might be only one in the afternoon but I've opened my newly delivered bottle of Engima Verte. First one went a little wrong but the second it what i think is perfect. Ratio 5 to 1, with sugar. put to much in the first so measured out 5:1 exactly and it's lovely. I bought a glass dripper that just sits in the glass and had no sugar cubes so I just put a spoon of sugar in the dripper and then the iced water and waited. Took a long time to start dripping properly but what a sight watching the cloud of louche or louche appear from no where. Awesome to watch. Anyway started early so I don't know where this is going but only got one bottle and going to a BBQ tonight, the house to my self and watching the Roast of Roseanne. Up to not great. Thanks Guys
  2. My first bottle of the green stuff has arrived this morning. I'll be opening this tonight, but I was wondering if it matters weather a bottle of absinthe is stored upright or laid down Regards Marty
  3. It's class!!! Made me laugh out loud ha Luscious Oily Lesbians!
  4. I typed L O O and it came up luscious oily lesbians! is that my girlfriends ipad auto correct or the site. Should I not be using L O L? is it counted as text talk?
  5. Nice info. Yeah study is different to creating. Had to ask? Thought I may have come across magic fairy juice that makes me brainier ha ha. I didn't really think that Luscious Oily Lesbians!. Lequeurs de France let me down at the last minute and I had to cancel my order so went somewhere else and decided on a dropper, nice spoon and a bottle of Paul Devoille, Enigma Verte! The reviews read well. On a different note I'll be making my own fountain at work, using sawgelok and stainless steel. I'll when I get back in 4 weeks I'll be posting pictures :-) Thanks for all the help Marty
  6. Cheers lads. Great replies. Fingers crossed my first proper bottle is coming tomorrow, I asked them to move the shipping to next day instead of 48h. I'm intrigued about the wide awake drunk. Will be an experience anyway ha.
  7. That's great, cheers. I've found some lovely sounding absinthe's on the site. All good Marty
  8. Also. In relation to my second question above, could someone tel me the names and info of 4-5 absinthe s to start off my collection. Ones that differ quite a lot in taste etc. I'll be shopping at absinthe online/liqueurs de France. I take it this is a reputable store? I was told it was.
  9. Hi guys and girls. As my welcome message says I'm new to absinthe and have a few question that I've searched the answers for with no luck. Firstly is their anything, food etc or another liquid that compliments or exacerbates the, lets say effects of absinthe? Secondly. How much does or can the taste of absinthe differ between brands/type etc. I have a home study that I spend a lot of time in and like the idea of a personnel absinthe bar :-) And lastly... In relation to the use of absinthe to help with a creative mind etc; could if used right absinthe help with study? I'm doing a masters degree as I'm sick of actual work offshore, so fancy a office job engineering. Cheers in advance Marty
  10. Hello guys and girls. I'm completely new to absinthe in the sense that I was 18 last time I drank it and their was no diluting it or savouring the experiance. I can't treally tell youhow I come to start researching it a couple of months ago but I've just bought my self a bottle of Perroquet absinth and two glasses. Before buying a drip machine I'm going to make sure I take to it. My girlfriend and I will be having a date night on Friday and sipping it for our drink. About me then... Well I'm 31 and work offshore on a North Sea oil rig. I'm sick of coming home and drinking nothing but larger and the odd vodka so I'm taking up absinthe as a hobbie (I know how bad that sounds ha). I don't really know what to type to be honest. I hope you're all well Regards Marty