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  1. A bit inebriated at the time of this posting, but I just had a glass of each absinthe in the backyard with a Cuban cigar and I enjoyed each immensely. I'm not experienced enough to note the finer differences but I found the Edouard had a bit more bite which I enjoyed. So far it's my favourite of the two. Expect to hear more from me. Cheers, Clay
  2. Thanks guys! I'm out of town for business right now. Can't wait to get back and try them. I think I'll take your advice and try them side by side. @Andrew: I've seen Hill's at the LCBO before but was told to avoid Czech absinthes. I've heard some stores stock La Clandestine but haven't seen any. I'll check back later this week and let you know how it went!
  3. Hey guys, Relatively new to the scene. Thought I'd pop in and say hi. Always been fascinated by the history and the culture, I figured it was about time to join the party. My first two bottles purchased were a Jade VS and a Jade Edouard. Any thoughts on which I should try first? Cheers, Clay