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  1. good, as not rotten, sure good, as the balance intended at brewing, umm, no but try them and offer your review of them to your friend he should appreciate it.
  2. almost, he's my half brother.
  3. Romeo y Julietas... one of my personal favorite dominican brands and coincedentally the only cubans i've had, so far.
  4. "I only subscribe to this, for the articles." i've used.... ummm, i mean heard that one before.
  5. "You're not gonna try this again next week are ya?" aging two years for one year is more than enough... now that i remember when my birthday is i only plan on one a year from now on... but who knows?
  6. I'm a dumbass, I must have been under the influence when I filled out my profile (imagine that?), my birthday isn't actually 'til the 14th. I've changed it so you guys can wish me another happy birthday (cheap ploy for attention).
  7. ... and shilled at the lounge.
  8. tonight, i'm sticking with hookers and blow.
  9. still beaming from all the beamish stout last night.
  10. nice breakfast! last night was a S.N. '06- bigfoot kinda night... which reminds me, olde dominion's '06 millennium has just been released so i'll have to order a case (or two), their spring brew is about ready for release too (it's an imperial pils) so it's a case or two of that as well.
  11. crackin' open a dogfish head raison d'etre... with more to follow.