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  1. He showed me a picture of his collection. He's got a lot of vintage bottles. I think he collects them. I don't really see the point if they don't have something in them I'm happy with my dealings with him and hope you are just being overly precautious. And the prices seem to be pretty good. Anyone here have any DIRECT dealings with him? There's gotta be someone here who has bought from him or did some kind of trade. Oxy? Deluge? I'm tired of talking about him.
  2. That's good to know. I believed everything he said and some people even backed him up like Oxy and Deluge. Deluge bought some from him also and has a review on his site about the sample - thats why I went ahead and bought from him. I think a few other people also stuck up for him. Including the VanGogh guy. I don't know what to think but I enjoyed what I bought from him and a number of long standing members of Fee Verte stood up for him. Hope you guys are just laying it on thick because I doubt he's ripping anyone off. Didn't he do some graphics work for Oxy as well on the Absinthe Classics website? Wonder what Oxy has to say about him? I looked at the members on this board and I do not see his name "jmfranc" listed. I'll ask him to come here and post some responses to your questions. I'm going to personal message him right now on FeeVerte. (Keep in mind that this IS jmfranc writing this.)
  3. Is there something I don't know about this guy? Everything I bought seemed ideal. Should I worry about these new samples hes selling? Seemed like an OK guy to me. What's your history with him?
  4. I've tried four vintage absinthes and got them all from the same guy. He lives in New Orleans and I just bought some more of the Vintage Pernod Fils Tarragona he's offering up. He's got two bottles - one from the 40's and I think one from the 60's. I offered to put a link to it here as a favor to him. He's the real deal and look forward to one of each of these samples. And the price is reasonable. LINK TO HIS PAGE Seems some people had some beef with him a while back. If so, ignore this post but I've had great luck with everything I received from him. <-- jmfranc pretending to be one of his own satisfied customers.
  5. Ummmmmm, what about the drink this forum is based on? Maybe it's not considered a liqueur?!?!
  6. It was very light for me. I like the heavier taste of the herbs. This was "Pernod Fils Light" in my opinion. I couldn't really pick out any specific herbs. It was refreshing and a good starter before the heavier absinthes. I only had one sample - if I had more I would try it again and mix it less - almost 1:1 to get more taste out of it.
  7. I liked it a lot - but I like the thicker taste of the Berger. The Premier Fils was a little thin for me. I like bold flavour and the Berger sure gives it.
  8. True, but has a lovely yellow tint. Obviously, no colouring step so - yes - a blanche.
  9. I have been drinking absinthe for about 1.5 years now - nonstop. It gets in the way of eating but I take care of that with the main-line stuck in my neck. I can add it to my drip bag - makes a lovely louche. My favorite absinthes are the Jade NO and Segarra, not much of a blanche fan but do the Clandestine time to time. Getting to like Montmartre - slowly. I admit, my first absinth(es) were Sebor and La Fee. I love vintage absinthe, I have tried four of them so far - Pernod Fils, Edouard Pernod, Premier Fils, and C.F. Berger. The Berger blew my mind with the Edouard a close second. Other drinks I like are some rums and Vieux Pontarlier anis.