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  1. Luscious Oily Lesbians!. I didn't have my teef in when I typed that. MoL. Hah! There I did it.
  2. Yess! I just ordered a bottle of BC and WW from CC. Can't wait to try them I have never had either one only have tried MOW. I milked that bottle of MOW for almost a year it was so good.
  3. Wondering if you ever finished your fountain and where the pics are? thanks joe
  4. Yes it is odd. Very odd actually. I found another actual liquor store and put in requests for Vilya, Marteau and Pacifique. I guess we'll see if they can get them(hoping, because it is so much easier to impulse buy than actually sit and place an order and have to wait a few days for it)
  5. That is actually pretty neat. I can see a little oil slick on the top of the drink. And yes it is 1:45 on a Tuesday afternoon and I am drinking a Sazerac, so what!
  6. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am 45 and had my first Sazerac a few weeks ago. Way to long to go with out experiencing this. I used the High West Rendezvous Rye and Leopolds Absinthe. I probably used a little bit more sugar and a bit more absinthe than most, but that was my taste. I absolutely love this drink. I do, however, have a question. When I cut off my lemon peel from a fresh lemon and twist it over my glass I never seem to see any of these oils you all speak about. Could it be i am doing it wrong?
  7. Any idea where I could purchase these in southern California? Particularly, L.A./Inland Empire/Palm Springs? I guess even Az. because I have friends who could pick it up for me and for that matter the O.C. thanks
  8. I am really enjoying the Leopold. My work schedule makes it really hard to order online and the fact that my dog eats anything left in the yard. I did not know about this new craze of micro distillery, I was aware of micro brews, I've always been a Newcastle person, never got into micro brews. My favorite drink right now at age 45 is actually throwback mountain dew, go figure, I drink it like I use to drink beer. Anyway, I am now very interested in trying some of these other distillations, like Leopold's rye and navy gin. I do not have a favorite liquor store unfortunately. So, I would still love some recommendations of liquor stores in the I.E. I could try. I can get La Clandestine at Bevmo and Leopold's at Total Wine. You'll have to pardon my response right now as I am on my 3rd glass of Leopold's. Once again I really appreciate the warm welcome and look forward to participating in some of these very interesting topics through out these forums. joe
  9. I was wondering if Leopold's would be considered a traditional absinthe? It has a totally different taste than MoL. I really like it.
  10. Thank you for the warm welcome. Vilya is on my short list along with Marteau, Pacifique, Walton Waters and Leopold. Unfortunately, I don't see my self as ever being able to start an actual collection because it just tastes too good. I would love to know if any members who are local to the Inland Empire area of southern California know of a good store that actually stocks any of these brands?
  11. Hello, the first thing I am going to do is admit to my mistake. I lit absinthe on fire. My story. It all started well over 10 years ago, maybe over 15, when I saw an add in a magazine for absente. I was intrigued, I always wanted to try it, and searched for a bottle. I finally found one and purchased it for $120. Now you have to understand that I have always loved those 19th century posters, particularly the ones by Toulouse-Lautrec and have been infatuated by the era and all the art that came out of it. Suffice it to say, and pardon my French it "sucked b@llz". Fast forward to a few months ago. I was in a gas station/liquor store(high end liquor, they have a nice selection of single malts, which I do have a very limited amount of knowledge) when I saw a bottle of Abyss. Not wanting to make the same mistake I did a lttle research, apparently not enough, found out real absinthe was now legal and purchased it for $80. I didn't know anything about the ritual just mixed sugar, water and Abyss. I didn't really like it. Researched some more and discovered the ritual and tried again, still wasn't to fond of it. So, I thought to myself, why not dip the sugar cubes in the absinthe and light them on fire(I'm using two cubes now) and caramelize the sugar, maybe that would make it taste better. Guess what? It did, doing this made the Abyss drinkable for me. More research. Wormwoodsociety.org is found! My education starts. NO MOR BURN! I apologize for my past transgressions against the community and humbly beg your forgiveness. I go back to my gas station and ask what else they can get and they tell me Lucid. O.K. WS says Lucid is a good middle of the road absinthe, a place for newcomers to start, so they can fully appreciate higher quality product later. I purchase, another $80. I actually like this. Half way through the bottle I stop using sugar. More research and I find that I am over paying for sh1tty absinthe and decide to go to Bevmo and get La Clandestine. Holy f ' enn sh... This stuff is so good. The way it tastes, the way it feels, the way it smells, of course now I'm feeling like I know a little bit about absinthe so I decide I might as well try the highest rated stuff I can get my hands on; Meadow of Love. So I place an order with Catskill Cellars (wonderful shop to order online from) and receive my package on Tuesday(4 days ago).... Words can not describe how much I love MoL(so I won't even try). My advice to anybody new to absinthe? Just go to the review page and purchase an absinthe on the first page. Don't waste money on anything sub par. After having the La Clandestine I can't even drink the Lucid, it taste horrible. Well, that's my story. I'm not the best story teller. I really appreciate all the knowledge and advice I was able to find on the website and the forum and I look forward to the journey ahead... Thank you to the WS and all the members for all your help. joe
  12. I just placed an order for MoL on Wednesday afternoon, will I get a tracking number for fedex from them? Love the site, by the way, so much info to help with making a purchase decision.