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  1. You sound like an interesting dude. Pleased to make an acquaintance.
  2. Gents, If anyone have a spare bottle of Absinthe Sauvage 1804 that you will be willing to part with PM me. Thanks, Roman
  3. sure hope it will be sooner rather than later
  4. I wish I found this forum a few months ago. Anyone know if/when a second batch will be available?
  5. Budmo Druzhe Zdorov! Siriously though there is a difference between Ukrainian and Rassian. I am fluent in both so no worries
  6. I knew there should be at least one bar in the city that serves it. Thanks for the tip. Will definitely check them out.
  7. Hello, I have never tried absinthe before. Which one would you recommend to start with? I did some research and here is my plan: get the US made Ridge Verte (simply because it is available at Drink up NY which is not too far from me) or maybe Meadow of Love see if I like it... if I do... hopefully by that time Sauvage will become available again so I will get a bottle along with Jade PF 1901 & Berthe de Joux so I have enough for free shipment Any suggestions are welcome
  8. I know little of absinthe. So here I am. I am originally from Ukraine and know that my ansestors used wormwood and other lockal plants in their drinks. I am not an avid drinker by any means just hope to broaden my knowledge of absinthe.