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  1. I love rum, so I can't wait to see how good this tastes. Best wishes!
  2. I'm sure it's just paranoia, but the bottle of lucid I just got today seemed.. less green, at first pour. Everything else was exactly the same- the green just seemed more natural and clear. I at first thought they put vodka in my lucid bottle! It also came with a cute little balacier, which I'm enjoying. tick, tock, drip, drop. ‹‹‹
  3. lio! Hah, thank you everyone and Joe that was very informative. I'll have to look for it! I'm glad to be back, for some reason, the email I used for the old account was compromised. So I could not revive it. Thank you Mr Labrecque. Have a green day, all!
  4. While I do prefer smoking hookah with my friends, when this is not an option, I take numerous photos and videos to share the experience with them. Some have commented that it is in bad taste to capture an image of oneself smoking, but I have never been phased by this notion.
  5. Well, I'm back from a long absin(the)ce. I moved a ways south and didn't have access to internet, or a computer, for a while. If you remember me, well hi! If you don't, well hi! I'm glad to be back on the forums, and I hope you'll be glad to have me back. As a thank you for coming to welcome me back, please enjoy one of my written works, blatantly inspired by a good glass of the green fairy. Sincerely, the Hookah smoking Absintheur, Mephistopheles D. Grimm P.S. Anybody have any new recommendations for brands? Lucid is the only decent offering in Mesa currently, so I'm really looking to expand my palate.