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  1. Thanks PLANofMAN, I appreciate the compliment.
  2. Thanks TJ. I appreciate the compliment! I was looking at the pic today and I was wondering why nobody commented on my mistake. Surely you all were thinking to yourself "damn that should have louched by now!"
  3. Thanks everyone. This painting is 15 years old. Glad it can be appreciated. Absomphe I keep seeing Mr. Rockso from metalocalypse.
  4. Ahhh, so everything was just hidden in plain site. Didn't think to check the sites Vendor list. Thanks.
  5. Thanks Cajun. I get excited when I see new Absinthe art, so I figured some may appreciate it.
  6. This oil painting shows what was on my mind in the 90's. peace
  7. I don't want to stir a hornets nest or anything but I was just wondering if you kind people might suggest a U.S.A brand that actually possible to obtain. It seems like a lot of small batch goodness is near impossible to obtain. I actually wanted to try some of the Jade line but for now its looking like I need to make my goals a little more reachable. So what are some good U.S. brands that are actually available today...not sold out. Sold out doesn't do me much good. Its great that the distilleries on here tend to announce new offerings of new products. So now that I'm a member, I will be keeping a keen eye out for the next batch of Jade or other desirables and quickly put an order in. I know everyone's opinions vary according to taste but let's all pretend I have a virgin palette for real Absinthe. I've tried a few Fauxinthe that don't even show up in the sites search engine....that can't be good. Peace
  8. Such an inviting group of people. Thanks all!
  9. Hello everyone, My names Michael and I've been enthralled by Absinthe since the 1990's. Before the ban was lifted here in the U.S. I have ordered various brands from overseas. Looking to develop my appreciation from what I learned were ridiculous versions of Absinthe...Hills, Deva, Mari Mayans ect... My interests are to experience pre-ban and faithful artisan recreations of the Absinthe. It looks like this website is where I need to be. I look forward to reading and posting. Thanks,