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  1. Not wanting to just lurk on a forum I thought id take the time to say, that’s fantastic! Id be interested to see the difference of opinion as to how to make that perfect brew. I know from reading information into brewing mead that some say “boil that must” and other “never boil” and both end up making fantastic mead. It would be fantastic to see the differing methods in action, good luck with that. Aum.
  2. Oh beaten to it! I did do a search, alas I didn’t find that topic. The freezer does set them pretty well, and they're cold to boot. Anyone got one molded in the shape of a flame, and died red/orange/yellow… Aum. Edit: Yeah I did think they could be large, and then I thought you could just up your drink size. I haven’t tried absinthe yet, still doing my homework, but I noted someone had the problem about finding cubes, and I did a search looking for other posts like this one, didn’t find one <obviously I need to work on my search skill> so posted that.
  3. I noted some of you had trouble finding sugar cubes. Simple solution is to make your own. Just mix sugar with some water, I had a play and used 1 table spoon to ¼ of a tea spoon and it was still pretty moist. I have read else ware 2 cups granulated sugar to 4 teaspoons water. Pack them into a mold, take them out of the mold and leave them to dry for a few hours or put them in an oven at <200f> for 5-10min, leave it to cool <use the freezer>. Cheap and easy. And they should work Aum.
  4. Greetings! Im sure glad this forum did go ‘public’ because it contains a heck of allot of useful information for those of us new to absinthe <I noted your not> along with good discussion and reviews for those people who have been around the drink a while. All these new people with Avatars, perhaps I should get one. Aum.
  5. Delirium and the word Thujone linked with another word similar to Absinthe…. It’s marketing brilliance. God you must get frustrated with the false information, and shoddy products been marked under an absinthe hype. Gaaa, more things for me to be frustrated about…Im of to have a beer. Aum.
  6. Oh I have! Now it’s just a matter of converting the prices I see for bottles to Australian dollars, and then adding in shipping. It works out at about $150 AUD for a bottle of Clandestine 'La Bleue' posted out to me. Fairly expensive for something I haven’t tried, but I understand that cheaper ones, are often imported from places that make, well stupid imitations for the uninformed. Is there another beverage that you can buy a little cheaper, that gives someone who’s new to absinthe an idea of a similar flavour, before spending a bit more on a real bottle? I was thinking Jagermeister for an anise flavored herbal drink to give me an idea. A good or bad idea? Aum.
  7. There are a few good topics about how to do it yourself. http://wormwoodsociety.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=691 http://wormwoodsociety.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=70 It might work out a bit cheaper than buying one, and doing things yourself is usually allot more fun, along with frustrating and pleasing. Incidentally, been Australian <just making an assumption based on your screen name> how have you found buying absinthe? I have looked and only seen stuff that’s Czech, and one bottle shop owner informed me he had American absinthe? <at least imported from there> God knows where it was actually from. Aum
  8. “So let me ask you: is that Mu a "yes" or a "no"? Careful!” - Neither, <is been careful> boy is that ever an essay topic. I will leave you with the one word reply apposed to a 15,000 word thesis. Thanks for the welcome. Aum.
  9. I’m yet to try Absinthe, but from my experience with Scotch and brewing beer, I know water can effect the overall taste. I mean if you drinking something that is predominantly water <3-5 parts seems to be what im getting from reading here> does the water effect the flavour? Now I know using treated water that contains chemicals is a bad idea, but what waters have you tried with your Absinthe, and how does it effect the flavour and mouth feel? You have rain water <that varies from place to place> Distilled water, Mineral water, Soda water, treated water you buy at the supermarket, water from underground springs <that varies in minerals, the stuff we have here is high in Iron, down the road there’s is almost pure enough to bottle and sell> I don’t think this question has come up in much detail, I did a search and had a look through some forums. Has anyone done Absinthe tasting, each glass with a different water? You would have to use the same water for ice as well. Just to see if water does make much of a difference? Apologies if this has already come up, Aum.
  10. It was personal reading that lead me to find ‘Mu’, I think it was the Koan ‘Does a dog have Buddha nature?’ and the answer been Mu. Im glad I have been spared their fate, because I was staring at a bottle of ‘absinth’ but I figured if I couldn’t read the ingredients, id steer clear of it for the time being. As for bottling, I haven’t made a mess there, I did forget to watch a pot of malt extract and sugar boiling on the stove. That does make one hell of a mess. I have a bottling cane, that has a valve on the end, so I fill bottles from the bottom <no oxidization> it also means soon as I pull the bottle down, it stops the flow. Looks like I am the first from Australia to join. So I guess I won’t be asking questions related to this country, ill be looking for answers. Im Sagittarius and I enjoy…Ok enough of that Aum
  11. Hello, I thought I would introduce myself. Im a 20 year old guy from Australia <the legal drinking age is 18 here> also a student going for my Bachelor of Arts, main areas of study being, Philosophy, politics <ill keep that out of here> and history. Im yet to try absinthe, but quite a few of my friends from university drink it. I’m inclined to think they are actually drinking absinth from the Czech republic. I’d like be able to correctly inform them, so they stop wasting their money, and im informing myself so I won’t waste mine. I have recently taken up home brewing as a hobby, I saw a post made by Hiram on Gotmead, and decided I’d like to learn more. After reading the FAQ and other articles on the main page <I enjoyed the reference to Tannin> I decided I would attempt to join the forum, to hopefully learn more. Boy it sounds like a personal add ah well. That pretty much sums it up! Aum [edit] Oh I chose this username “Aum” I usually use Mu, after the sound of the universe <Sometimes written as om>
  12. This is a link to –How to Brew- by John Palmer online http://www.howtobrew.com/sitemap.html This is a website that always seems to come up at GotMead, it has a good range of supplies, for someone who wants to make beer, wine, anything but distilled spirits. If your new you can get starter kits from around the $60 http://www.morebeer.com/ For $69 you can get This Personal Brewery includes: • 6 gallon plastic fermenting bucket with spigot • Bucket lid with stopper and special hole for air lock • 6 gallon bottling bucket with spigot • Triple scale testing hydrometer with test tube • Bottle cleaning brush • 3 piece airlock • Bottle filler and 4' food-grade vinyl transfer tube • Hand-lever bottle capper and 50 bottle caps • BTF Iodophor sanitizer for sanitizing equipment (4oz) • Reusable nylon steeping bag • Popular reference book - Home Beer Making III • Our B3 brewing directions PET bottles are a good way to go, as if you over carbonize they won’t explode on you. If you live in a cooler area and want to brew you may want to get yourself a heating belt as well, http://www.morebeer.com/product.html?product_id=16674 You might want a secondary glass carboy to rack you beer to, to age it for a few weeks later on as well. This link helps with working out how much sugar to prime your bottles with http://hbd.org/cgi-bin/recipator/brew/widgets/bp.html I did a search for individual items that would be good for getting started as well, FE345 : Plastic Bucket With Spigot (6 Gallon)- Price: $11.45 FE360 : Lid With Hole - Price: $2.10 FE440 : #7 With Hole - Price: $1.00 FE370 : Airlock - 3 Piece - Price: $1.00 -from http://www.morebeer.com/ Then you would need bottling equipment, and the malt extract, or malt it’s self along with a good pot to boil it all in. You might be able to get it cheaper by buying individual items, apposed to a beginner kit, hence i added this. Hope that helps, i'm new to brewing myself, on my third batch of beer. Aum.