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  1. I would use higher quality ingredients in cooking as well, but I'm not sure I cook anything that could use flavors in absinthe. (I bet /someone/ has mentioned it on the forum here somewhere.) Scott, there's actually another flavor I'm interested in. In the bottle, it smells quite sweet. It's bugging me, because I've smelt it before and don't recall what it is. I definitely wasn't expecting it to smell like that. I'll remember that, Absomphe, in case I ever need to dissolve a pesky 7-iron into a 5-iron.
  2. I'm not sure what is good and what is not so much, other than what people here say, but everyone's tastes are different. I had read that thread, and was thinking of starting with Lucid. I figure I'll eventually get around to trying most of what people say is drinkable. Like Jade NO... it didn't sound like I'd like it (even though some people really like it), but I'll probably try it once just to be sure. Larspeart:: It is a quite fine evening. You'll be the first to know for 1000, assuming I don't lose count somewhere.
  3. And now, for a little "a bit after a second glass taste" addition. The anise is a bit strong, and I hear letting it breath for a week balances it out a little bit, so I guess I'll be adding to this after that. But the finish... ... it is pure bliss. As time passes, very light anise flavor, more pronounced mint, some other things I don't recognize. Unlike wine's aftertaste, which I don't like too much, this is superb. Real good. And now, back to listening to music and not trying to write thought-out forum posts after a couple glasses.
  4. I figured I'd try something that you guys generally seemed pleased with. My sister asked me if I was going to cook with it... it's too good to have that fate.
  5. As the title says, I just now got my first bottle of absinthe, ever. So, it has been a bit of relaxed tes--err tasting--, and so, one glass later, here's the first opinions. I ordered a bottle of Ridge Verte, but don't have any of the necessary hardware to go along with it, so there's just a normal cup. Clear to watch it louche, of course. Measured one shot absinthe and four water. So, unlouched, the color is a nice light green. Definitely looks organic. It's got an herbal, "sweet" scent to it that I found pretty enjoyable. Louching went like I guess it normally does. In my notes, I've got it turning pearly green at a little over the 1:1 water:absinthe ratio, which I'm not sure is correct, since I wrote that about half the glass later. The scent changed quite a bit, and the anise (that's the licorice scent/taste?) got more pronounced. As I was nearing the end of the glass, I took a look at it and noticed little oily swirls. I found the drink to be cool on the top of the mouth while warm on the tongue, with some subtle and not so spiciness (the herbal kind). Cool and warm and a little bit spicy, all at the same time. Quite unlike anything I remember ever trying, but a nice play on the senses. Approaching finishing, the coolness hung onto the top of my mouth, while the warmth slowly dissipated from my tongue. Reminds me of after drinking a mint tea. Mouth felt full immediately afterwords, maybe I'll try the next one slightly more diluted. Anyways, the bottle is breathing in the kitchen now. May go back for a slower, even more leisurely second. Good first.
  6. Thank you all for the warm welcome. Cheers from here soon hopefully!
  7. Greetings from a lovely cool northern Alabama! Hi, my name is Lucien. Or you can call me Drurowin if you're feeling creative with pronunciation. Umm... ... I'm not good at these introductory posts. I hark from the frigid north and seafood, but tornadoes and extra humidity seem to be popular these days. As for absinthe, I'm relatively new. I've lurked here for a few months, and have decided now is as fine a time as any to jump in. Am going to see about tracking down a bottle somewhere in the near-immediate future. Yea. That's pretty much it. Kinda new, don't really know what I'm doing, but have been interested for a while and finally the urge to try has overwhelmed the urge to not try. Hopefully no beginner mistakes, but if there are, at least let me get them out of the way before too much longer.