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  1. Thank you all for a warm welcome. Much appreciated. :-D
  2. Never had much liking for Absinthe until I tried proper Absinthe while visiting Berlin last summer. In Norway, only two types of Absinthes are available and both are of that cheap Czech toothpaste tasting, atomic green/blue pre-sweetened shit. Horrible stuff. Being an seasoned whisky man, that is by far not good enough. When in Berlin I was served French Absinthe in proper manner and that really blew my mind. I've solved the "Absinthe availability issue" by ordering bottles of this outstanding fine liquor from abroad. Not a really cheap or practical solution, but so far it is the only possibility I have to get hold of this outstanding gift from nature. Then again, not much is cheap nor practical in Norway. ;-p Being a newfound Absinthe drinker, I have much to learn, but that's what I love. Only problem, apart from the availability issue, is that in Norway any spirits above 60% is illegal. I regard this as a minor problem though, because next to my likings for fine spirits, I love traveling. All in all, it's just another excuse for going abroad. Planing on going to Paris in the spring of this year, and hopefully I'll be able to visit Switzerland next year. If anyone have any recommendations on what Absinthes I really need to give a go, it will be much appreciated. Also, if you have any recommendations for "Absinthe destinations", that will also be much appreciated. :-) Best regards and peace to you all Lars