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  1. Trying things differently this evening - CLB at 4:1, no sugar. Usually I'm a 3:1 w/ sugar kind of a guy. I'll probably remain that way.
  2. Within Canada you can get Taboo, Taboo Gold (when it's available from Oxy), Clandestine la Bleue, and soon Sirene, apparently, but that's in Ontario, not Alberta. However, you have private liquor stores in Alberta, so perhaps some of them could be convinced to start carrying some good brands. No? You could also get La Fee, but don't bother with that. Check out RueVerte.fr...I've not ordered anything from them yet, but apparently they ship to Canada and they have a lot of worthwhile brands. I can't personally vouch for them yet though. Fine Spirits Corner ships to Canada and has some good stuff but they're very expensive. My advice as a Canadian: support the locally available stuff as much as possible, such as the CLB. Welcome!
  3. I hope I'm able to try your absinthe sometime (in the near future), DP. I know you probably don't have plans to get your product up here to Canada anytime soon, but I hopefully make enough trips to NY and MI. You and T are on the top of my list.
  4. So I'm going to be in Detroit tomorrow night. Does anybody have any tips on where I could pick up a good bottle of absinthe in that area? I'm particularly interesting in finding myself a bottle of Marteau or Vieux Pontarlier. Are there any shops worth checking out? Thanks, guys!
  5. I'm a 3:1 type of guy. For a while there I was going with around 2:1 but I've gone back to the standard. I don't think I've ever tried anything at 5:1...I don't think my Pontarlier glasses will even hold that much liquid...unless I make the dose smaller, I guess.
  6. Weird. I just had a glass of Serpis last night after not having touched the stuff for maybe 2 years...or at least a year and a half. I remembered it tasting like bananas for some reason. It didn't really taste like bananas and it didn't really taste like good absinthe, but it didn't taste bad either. I liked it in a weird way, even though I didn't really think of absinthe all that much. It's strange to revisit things. Strange and good.
  7. There is a very warm spot in my heart for Cheap Red Wine. I respect it. I love the label. And my girlfriend and I love getting drunk on it while stopped for the night in roadside motels on various random road trips in the U.S.
  8. Scotch Irish John By Imperial Stout for me this afternoon. Really nice stuff.
  9. Jeez, I just finally read this thread. Whew! We don't have to make this an issue of nationalism do we? I'm tired enough defending Canadians over giving the world Celine Dion and Avril Lavigne. Take Neil Young and The Arcade Fire instead. Or, you know, me instead of Smiley.
  10. I wish I had many, many bottles of Jade absinthe.
  11. Oh man, worth it for the solo performance of 'For You' alone. Best. I'm not really a fan of Roky's later, more psych material, but earlier rock n' roll is awesome still.
  12. Hey Seano. From another Trontonian, welcome!