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  1. even a half full bottle would be acceptable, maybe even a quarter full. just would be a dream to have the bottle w/ at least a little of the good stuff left
  2. wren have you used absinthes.com or drinkup.ny? catskill cellars in another one. I live in York, pa and I've been able to get plenty. warning-- absinthes.com shipping is really expensive. if you're going to use them it's best to load up to get the free shipping. on a side note, why is no one mentioning the new Sauvage coming out? seems that would have been a topic on here years ago
  3. i have it and love it but lack the descriptive powers necessary to explain why
  4. just got some of the oak aged La Clandestine Barrique a week or so ago and I really like it. it has a really vanilla-ee taste to it along w/ the other classic flavors
  5. I reject your choices and say the 2 Del Phoenix and Ridge
  6. Pernod Fils 1914 -it all went too quick. my empty glass smells like baby powder
  7. update: sipping on Pernod Fils 1914--....trying to regain composure......not sure how to describe...lack descriptive powers...must....take another sip...powdery and irresistible ...smell is something out of a dream....must......focus
  8. you're right greytail, once it's gone it's gone--so i officially have some pernod fils 1914 headed my way. i'm very excited!!although it got me wondering why modern absinthe makers aren't able to replicate the best absinthe of the past. they have the same or better equipment i would think. also why doesn't pernod go back to the old recipe if it was so popular? oh well.....now i play the waiting game......hmm hmm hmm whaah ha ha ha ha (maniacal laugh)
  9. agreed peridot, my concerns are 1. it's two glasses vs two bottles and i hope i'll be able to tell the difference between the old stuff and the new 2. if i do love the old stuff i can't afford it very often and i'll always be let down by modern absinthe
  10. well after reading some of this i'm looking to spend my christmas cash on a preban pernod fils sample. i've been checking out the usual sites but haven't seen any (i've seen some other preban samples but not pf) don't know if it's worth it but i have to try it so i can make the comparison myself
  11. Edouard it is --thanks fellow absinthe people
  12. peridot what are you tasting in the Jades? i am curious because i also taste something unusual in the 1901 (i like it though) but i don't have the ability to describe it. so far my ability to differentiate between absinthe would be something like --(vieux carre- too spearminty for me) (pacifique and ridge--very woodsy, love it) (l'italienne--too perfumy) etc
  13. for christmas i got 2 new absinthes, Jade 1901 and Roquette. i like both but really love the 1901. i think they put some kind of addictive chemical in the Jade. it has a smell and taste that is so different to what i've tried so far (pac,mol,ww,vc,ital,ancienne,ridge,emp. norton) i will obv. be trying all the Jades but it gets expensive, so what should i try next? thinking Edouard but i'm intrigued by the salty bayou-ness of the Nouvelle Orleans--any suggestions are appreciated