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  1. Man... it's like all these guys are actually *trying* or something...
  2. Welcome - no apologies for lengthy posts... they are great to read!
  3. Enigma Verte de Fougerottes. Tastes like fougerottes.
  4. Rob - no matter what option I choose. Even next day. Cheryl - thanks. I have used CC before and they are always awesome I'm more just curious why this is happening. It's just really strange.
  5. Here is a photo - I always find photographs and videos helpful.
  6. Picked up a bottle of this today and am enjoying a glass before lunchtime. Really quite excellent. Same great louche I remember from my tasting some months back. Bold herbs. Very pleased!
  7. I thought of that... but seems no one else has such restrictions. At least not DupNY or CC. It is very odd!
  8. So Astor is having a nice little sale on American absinthes. Wanted to pick some up and get this at checkout: Currently spirits are only available for shipment within New York State. I inquired via Twitter and got a strange response... https://twitter.com/astorwines/status/483670193319993344 Anyone have some substantial info on this? What's the deal?
  9. Hi there! You probably just need to compress the image you are using. PM me if you need a quick crunch.
  10. Yea - that was my major criticism. "new wave" - and placing Leopolds into that category is not a good fit.
  11. I was buying some wine today (and always check the absinthes) and noticed the Lucid bottles they had in stock looked odd. It was selling for a fairly cheap price so grabbed a bottle. It is indeed a new bottle design! How can you tell? Much taller - Lucid is now the one absinthe that does not fit in my cabinet (it used to). Squarer shoulders - no longer as rounded at the top... had a sharper, squarer edge. No more "dimple" at the bottom of the bottle. Labeling seems the same otherwise. I had to sample it as well. It is nearly the same as I remember BUT doesn't have that "funk" taste which in the past turned me off so much. I am very pleased with that! [probably has nothing whatsoever to do with the bottle shape, of course] Here is a photo: This was acquired in Colorado, USA.
  12. I've tried to be supportive of Pernod-Ricard in this effort because of this very fact. This absinthe will be *everywhere* because they have the distribution others lack. My hope is that newcomers who begin with Pernod OR or Lucid (instead of some rancid swill like Absente or La Fee) will appreciate the spirit and want to explore additional regional, top-tier options such as Leopold Bros., Delaware Phoenix, Pacifique, Marteau, et cetera. Anything that pushes quality up and raises awareness is a good thing. Those liquor stores that either won't sell absinthe or only sell crap brands... I have no idea how to help those fellows...
  13. How strange - wonder why they wouldn't go for something around 1900 instead? 100 years of further refinements and as Marc noted - very different from preban c1900. Having almost emptied my bottle... I'd say my initial review still stands. Despite positive aspects, I probably won't be purchasing another bottle with all of the better options to consider. If this were the only absinthe available in my area... and I was just getting acquainted with the spirit... I'm sure that I would be happy enough with it.
  14. Please don't. At least... be sure to hand off production to someone who cares about good absinthe as much as the two of you seem to
  15. Every time I sugar anything now - anything - I always regret it. I only ever use such a tiny amount too.