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  1. I've never had an issue with Jade corks but I do replace them with t-corks after opening as I can definitely see how they might be a bit on the crumbly side. I have heard plenty of other stories about their fragility to beware! Sounds like you handled it in the best way possible, though
  2. Welcome. The VP is quite nice when you have a good bottle. Let everyone know how you like it!
  3. Every time I check this top 10 thread... I realize how often my top 10 changes.
  4. Some Redux this afternoon. Really great, full texture. Creamy, herbalage...
  5. Hello and welcome. You have had some really nice absinthes!
  6. Thanks for letting me know. So you find the Roquette quite good then? Nothing strange in the taste? The last bottle I had was way off but that was a while back now. Been hoping that Pernot/Archive was able to remedy the problem. As for absinthe having a highly addictive allure about it: yes...
  7. Curious - what is the batch date on the Roquette?
  8. You really cannot go wrong with either. MoL has some extra components to it that are not present in WW.
  9. There were discussions with the reporter, yes: Jim Winslett Here's his response: Thanks for reading. A couple of things: Anybody looking for the real absinthe experience is not going to like this stuff. It doesn't look like it, doesn't contain Thujone and doesn't react to water. Gossamer Fury also doesn't taste of licorice. It has a mild herbal flavor. I'm pretty sure, as a much more refined drinker, you'd hate it, though I have to say, the finish was suprisingly smooth. With my history of the drink, I tried to point out in the beginning of my story that absinthe was kind of a legendary thing and came with both history and baggage. It was celebrated, but blamed for a lot of things and there was some bad, bathtub absinthe out there --of course, there was a lot of bad, bathtub everything out there at the time and absinthe kind of got railroaded due to circumstances. If I'd had a bit more time or presence of mind, I could have gone into that. Still, I doubt that anyone would see what I wrote as definitive on the subject, though it might encourge a few people to try either Gossamer Fury or the real thing if they see it around. As far as my descriptions, I used what I had at my disposal, which was limited to a few people I'd spoken with who'd tried it over the years and their experiences varied. The only absinthe I tried was some homebrew he had, which looked like stagnant pond water and tasted like lawn trimmings soaked in paint thinner. It did turn kind of white with a little water. I didn't like it. Absinthe has only been showing up in local liqour stores in my area in the last five or six years, though in small quantity, limited variety and typically at a price that is well beyond someone like me who by circumstance tends to be a $10 bourbon driner. Anyway, I apologize for any and all shortcomings. I appreciate you pointing them out and as feeble a response as it is, I did the best I could with what I had in the space I was alotted. August 18 at 9:21am As for http://www.absinthe-review.com/ - it has been discussed here before and apparently the author has a rather large axe to grind with certain members here...
  10. First glass from a new Vilya verte bottle. Better than I remember - brilliant!
  11. All I have is this... and the fact that it's very good. 58? 87?
  12. My Vilya verte showed up yesterday from Catskills with the batch number worn/smudged off :o They are out of stock now so must have been their last shipment... good guess as to the range of batch numbers it may be, Mr. Legate?
  13. Way to get "absinthe" completely wrong. Horrible. Doesn't louche because it does contain "impurities" and green absinthe tastes like swamp sludge. Wow. This is so full of wrong on all levels. http://www.wvgazette.com/article/20140817/GZ05/140819597/1419
  14. Surprising that DupNY is so much less expensive than a local Colorado shop. Good price over there.
  15. I've only made them on a couple of occasions - agree with Gwydion as they are a bit vile. Not a great combo at 1:4 or 1:5 - in my opinion, anyway. (I'm not big on sparkling though)
  16. I've used the same ratio as with water - substituting sparkling. So 1:4ish?
  17. Broke into a bottle of Jade NO tonight. Surprised at how fruity/flowery it is... very different from the other 3 Jades. I'd say close to a Butterfly or Leopolds. Interesting stuff!
  18. But yeah - the only faeries you see will be your own inner demons.
  19. Aye... and enough alcohol and anyone will see faeries... or something.