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  1. Lots of websites will rank crapsinthe highly. The trick is learning what you like and who to trust!
  2. Been slowly draining this bottle of Jade 1901 for over a year... last glass right now. Was a good year.
  3. Yeah, every time I order absinthe at a bad it is such a hassle that it really isn't worth the bother. Also - I also get water everywhere and the water isn't nearly cold enough... et cetera. Great story though - sadly very typical.
  4. I've always found the flavor of St. George to be very un-absinthe-like. It seems they don't even use aniseed either... casting some doubt as to whether it actually is absinthe at all! http://www.stgeorgespirits.com/spirit/absinthe/
  5. http://www.maxim.com/food-drink/8-shots-pernod-absinthe Not even the current Pernod... mention of flames... no thujone, huh?
  6. Err... Mansinthe, Lucid, and Duplais are all European... journalists...
  7. Welcome! Mansinthe is a fine absinthe to start with - much better than the absolute crap I started with.
  8. Songcatcher - Terminus sounds really interesting from the description. "specialized hot oxygenation process"... and that killer label. It just looks and sounds spectacular.
  9. Welcome - I'd say that your repertoire is not really so humble though. You list a number of my favorites.
  10. Thought this might be of interest to the group... have given two worldwide sessions for Adobe today in which I placed proper absinthe preparation front and center through the design of animated, interactive, and static infographics detailing preparation https://www.behance.net/gallery/20892471/Absinthe-Infographic Maybe it'll help some people this season...
  11. There is a set of reviews for the new Pernod over yonder: http://wormwoodsociety.org/index.php/component/content/article/694-pernod-absinthe-original-recipe
  12. "Proper slotted spoons are hard to find - even online." Right...
  13. Killed the following last night: La Grenouille, Pernod Recette Traditionnelle, and La Clandestine. Each bottle only had 1/2 oz - 1 oz left... so not as terribly indulgent as it sounds Freakin' absinthe genocide though...