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  1. I haven't ever had a problem with Maison Fontaine!
  2. With so many problems around Pernot absinthes lately - I'm not remotely interested in this. Last bottle of Roquette was garbage and Vieux Pontarlier has been supertails as well. Maybe it is a good absinthe, seeing it is from the first batch... but that distillery isn't getting any more business from me until they provide some verifiable quality control.
  3. Having a glass right now and it is very good. Having never had any prior year - I have nothing to compare it to directly... but can definitely taste similarities with some of the pre-ban I have had. There are also similarities with other commercial absinthes I consider top-tier... though that is probably a given considering the traditional profile that is reproduced here. This is a wonderful absinthe and I would purchase from the next bottling without hesitation.
  4. DanPatrick - yeah, they had 6 bottles left when I posted that. Poof! My give my bottle a go tomorrow. Have never had any L'Ancienne before - so... excited to try some
  5. Absinthes.com seems to have a bit left as well => http://www.absinthes.com/product_info.php?products_id=1170
  6. Not a cocktail guy when it comes to absinthe... but Butterfly is a damn fine glass of absinthe.
  7. I have had a bottle for a week now. REALLY looking forward to piping it open... maybe a few weeks more...
  8. More acclaim for Stefanie from me. Always super responsive and very helpful with order modifications and other intricacies!
  9. Glad to see the flames haven't muddied their vision in terms of a clear business direction...
  10. I missed the last batch. This one is a sure thing - especially considering the 'special' wormwood being used.
  11. Really!?! That's shocking as I could barely get anything out of mine.
  12. Stay away from the Emporer if you expect your absinthe to louche.
  13. Terminus and NO do have something really similar going on, don't they? St. George... is questionable no matter which way you louche it. [no aniseed]
  14. Hello and welcome. Mansinthe is surprisingly nice - I've never had Ordinaire but believe it is not well regarded.
  15. Vilya Verte is so good. The bottle I have right now is even better than my last one.
  16. I always tend to see a bottle of absinthe ($65-85 USD) comparable in price to 6 bottles of good, medium-of-the-road ($12-15 USD) wine. I think that is fair... though most absinthe is going to be of much higher quality than said wines!
  17. No aniseed = not absinthe. No fennel = not absinthe. No grande wormwood = not absinthe. Anything else is personal preference.
  18. Just had a glass of "Garcon une Verte" [aged for 3 years in oak barrels] and you can definitely taste it. Very smooth though - really quite nice.
  19. Okay - having a fresh taste after a week of sitting and while the similarities to Authentique are there... having had some Authentique just yesterday and now a glass of Terminus... the Jade is much more complex. An evolving taste. It is very good.